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by:Nanqixing     2020-03-12
Madulai: the \"plastic-free New Year and Boji\" campaign by madulai company received a good response because many people took plastic bags in exchange for cloth bags.
On Monday, with the support of volunteers, up to 15,000 bags were distributed in 16 parts of the city.
About five tons of banned plastic bags were collected during driving.
The campaign took place the day before the plastic ban.
A lot of traders, they store plastic bags, especially right and wrong.
The woven bags appeared and let them exchange.
The residents also showed up with plastic bags.
As the company began to ban the use of a single
According to a court order, the use of plastic items from December 10 has changed significantly in the city.
Due to high fines imposed on offenders, most traders have chosen alternatives.
The authorities also regularly inspect bags that are prohibited from use.
Aneesh Sekhar, company Commissioner attending the manager bus terminal, said there are many alternatives to plastic products, including cloth bags, yellow sacks and a variety of biodegradable bags made of starch.
Traders should ensure that the replacement bags they purchase are ISO certified.
\"You should encourage customers to bring their own luggage.
It was normal a few years ago, but people have changed their habits after traders started offering cheap plastic bags, \"the commissioner said.
The increase in plastic usage and improper handling of plastics have also caused various natural disasters.
Plastic waste forms a layer on Earth that prevents water from penetrating into the ground.
In addition, it blocks the passage of water that blocks the flow of water.
He urged the public and traders to expand cooperation in combating plastic waste.
Without cooperation, the efforts of civic institutions will not succeed, he said.
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