2017 machinery & equipment review: major suppliers of nonwovens machinery offer new technological developments.

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The biggest news about alliance machines and engraving is its move to the new facility at Ashland Maple Leaf Court 10190, where offices and manufacturing areas have been customized and upgraded to efficiently meet their core business --
Engraving, machine assembly and rolling mill/production.
With improvements in factory layout, lighting, warehousing and logistics, additional rooms will enable them to serve their customer base more effectively and host new segments.
Along with this move, a new laser carving machine was purchased, which will also be equipped with a high-resolution three-
Scan head size.
This direct scanning feature will greatly simplify the federation\'s pattern replication and quality control processes.
The company is scheduled to open in September 2122. www.
And carving. com [
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Andritz non-woven fabric is one of the world\'s leading technology suppliers in the non-woven and textile finishing industry.
Its core competence lies in drying, wet shop, spinning stick, water Thorn, acupuncture and textile pressing technology.
Years of experience in the well
Famous companies in Kusters, Perfojet and asselin-
This is the foundation of Andritz non-woven technology.
These companies\' innovative technologies complement each other in a variety of application process solutions.
Through joint forces in engineering and process development, Andritz can provide unparalleled expertise for the benefit of its customers.
Completelines, rebuild, upgrades, and automation are part of the portfolio and part of the business with a single machine.
High non-woven fabric brand representative certification
Quality performance from molding to finishing
First-class service, timely and smooth project execution.
As a major supplier, Andritz non-woven fabric must constantly seek innovative technologies that meet customer needs.
Andritzzhenwoven has manufacturing facilities and technical centers that meet international standards worldwide, thus providing high-quality assurance and quality control practices.
Run a complete line call
Deep non-woven professional knowledge and excellent service.
Andritz offers a comprehensive portfolio of services so that it can ensure improved uptime, productivity and product quality.
On-site support in Europe, North America and China, specific training, line audit and trouble shooting, upgrade and modernization, real spare parts and services, and rolling repair centers.
It was not until recently that an additional service center opened to meet the local needs of the us ct. S. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. andritz.
Leading supplier of high-tech, UK Chaoyin wave
The power ultrasonic system for non-woven processing applications introduces the new product, the Sonisolution RS series, a series of rotating ultrasonic components.
These units are available at 20 kHz, 30 kHz or 40 kHz with horn design to choose from, with a width of up to 75mm and power supply ranging from 750W to 3600W depending on frequency.
According to the application, the Sonisolution RS series can operate at speeds of up to 800 m per minute.
This new product is being sold to customers, primarily OEMs, who have the experience, capabilities and skills required to integrate aurhorizon\'s patented rotary ultrasonic technology into the equipment, while cost-competitive
With the right tool, the assembly is suitable for applications including bonding, feature connection, stamping, lamination, cutting and bonding
Free elastic panel structure.
Aurvision ultrasound will continue to provide customers with complete and customized Rotary ultrasonic solutions through disposable hygienic manufacturing, flexible packaging sealing and professional conversion applications. www.
Ultrasonic waves.
The Danish-based Campen machinery A/S provides complete turnkey lines for most product areas in the non-woven industry.
The new Campen hammer mill can handle various Pulp types and can be integrated with all types of air laying systems.
The new hammer mill ensures lower energy consumption and lower noise compared to the traditional hammer mill.
This ensures a cost-effective fiber processing process and minimizes practical challenges in noise elimination. [
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Campen has perfected 20-year-
The old technology that combines the air laying process with the water Thorn process for the production of wet wipes and dry wipes that can be up to 100% disposable and biodegradable.
This non-woven fabric is characterized by a very soft wet wipes with very high stretch elongation, making this raw material a sustainable product without affecting the quality.
This gives customers the opportunity to design and produce a variety of unique end products with different product performance.
Campen has also developed a new type of dry forming head.
This new type of sizing machine can process up to 100% people.
Large Capacity fiber.
It can process fibers such as double worker fiber, PP/PET/viscose fiber, and it can also process recycled fiber in textiles, cartons, newspapers, Pulp, natural fiber, glass, stone
Fiber, etc.
The design and process of the new sizing machine forming head can be integrated with the technology of fusion spray, spinning stick, combing and water Thorn.
The first system has been sold and will be delivered by the end of this year. www. Campenmachinery.
Catbridge machinery company\'s latest 324-
The 32 slitting rewinding machine has changed for decades-
Long way of non-woven transformation.
This model is a turretedslitter rewinding machine that can sew a variety of non-woven fabrics in a narrow range and rewind on a standard 32 \"diameter or extended plain shaft
Diameter 40 \".
Two traditional
For this type of work, the roller surface hoist has been effectively used, but the throughput is limited by the shaft drive. The 324-
The 32 cantilever turret design eliminates shafthandling and allows the core to be loaded while the machine is running.
Unique features, as well as turret design, make throughput 2-3 times
Drum machine.
Regardless of the core size or the diameter of the finished roller, the short controlled distance from the split to the core helps to maintain proper tension and minimize mesh displacement, even for fragile materials.
The automatic cut-off and transmission system cut the network directly, creating a very short tail for the start and end packaging.
Placing these tails precisely on the outer diameter of the roll and the new core can prevent the dislocation of the core and eliminate the edges, and can also be re-placed
Accessories on outer diameter.
Rolling discharge options include pushing the pusher onto a tree, conveyor belt, or table;
For heavier materials, the trolley unloading system can be used.
Like allCatbridge machines, an industry
Leading security protocols are provided and managed by safety PLC. www. catbridge.
Com CB packaging is a global supplier of packaging equipment for sanitary products, including baby diapers, adult incontinence products, sanitary napkins, underwear shields and pads.
Headquartered in Bagnolo Cremasco, Italy, it is very close to the main airport of toMilan, which also owns two subsidiaries, one in Shanghai and the other in Sparta, New Jersey.
In recent years, the company has focused its attention on the flexibility of new technologies and machines, which has enabled the company to introduce very successful new products to the market. [
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An example of the company\'s innovation is sanitarynapkins & panty shields high-speed machine.
Another example is its multi-bag machine, which customers can use to pack any number of diapers in a very large final PE bag, greatly reducing the cost of transporting cartons.
In addition, the new machine for baby diapers and adult diapers will be launched in 2018.
Over the past few years, the usual flexibility of the CB to be different will be combined with very high speeds, always maintaining the reliability and very high quality of the final package.
The steady and strong growth in turnover over the past few years can only mean that some good things have been done, and of course the company\'s goal is to improve faster and more significantly. www. cbpackaging.
Datong Machinery Engineering Co. , Ltd.
Chase Machine & Engineering designs and builds customized network processing equipment that handles film, foil, and woven/non-woven/knitted fabrics while controlling speed, tension, and orientation, focus mainly on integrated ultrasonic pulse welding, hot air welding Adhesive distribution, RF Welding, with sealing, extruder and co2 laser.
Specializing in production development, rewind, slitting machine, composite machine, horizontal winding machine, cuttingto-
Length machines, festooners, accumulators, ultrasonic sewing machines and custom machines for the production of various consumer goods such as facial masks, wipes, safety vests, air/liquid filters, medical devices and sanitary supplies, chase can use its 60-
Plus years of experience in web processing to benefit customers in the areas of filtration, medical care, packaging, automotive, textile and geotextile markets. www. chasemachine.
Colombo Filippetti has 65 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom mechanical solutions for high speed/high load machines.
Drawings and specifications of customers
The design of engineering products pays great attention to quality and mechanical efficiency.
A unique approach to customer collaboration is to lead the manufacture of camsand Cam mechanisms worldwide. A new-
The patent solution is Sphero-conical Cam.
The typical geometry of the spherical cone cam provides the best efficiency for motion conversion and ensures faster working speed than other similar mechanical cam solutions.
Generally, cylindrical cams are used for this purpose, but the engagement height between the cam profile trajectory and the following mechanism varies during rotation. [
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This change introduces unwanted axial motion into the motion profile.
And in the ball
Tapered Cam, the cam follower is in full contact with the contour track throughout the rotation process.
This constant engagement prevents any axial movement of camfollower, which in turn increases working speed, improves efficiency and provides a longer life span.
Another important benefit for Filipinos in Colombo is
The design of the tapered Cam is not required for daily maintenance. www. cofil. com Curt G. Joa, Inc.
Through its Joa and Bikoma brands, Curt G. Joa, Inc.
Provide professional knowledge and technology to customers in the health industry.
The products it offers include a conversion machine that produces baby diapers and pants;
Underwear and trousers for adults;
Women\'s Health supplies (
Underpants, sanitary napkins, pads and pants);
Medical curtains, mats and gowns and professional products.
In addition to the company\'s diversified equipment range, it also designs solutions, purposes through its engineering-
Build for customers
Specific applications. www. joa. com Dan-
Network machinery A/S Dan-
Web Machinery 100% is committed to supplying airlaidtechnology from the booth
A separate network formation system completes the rotating installation of the production plant laid in the air.
In recent years, web forming technology has been re-developed.
Designed to improve the network structure, improve production capacity and make it easier to maintain, and developed a new generation of dedicated airflow drying and bonding technologies specifically tailored to meet the needs of dryers and ovens suitable for the production of air laying products, the bonding method is not considered. [
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The new generation dryer features innovative cleaning technology for efficient thermal management, wire and drying modules, and a full range of accessibility to minimize downtime and fire risk.
A new generation of hammer mill/deeller for flu free Desizing has been supplied to air laying companies around the world, whether it is related to new air laying lines or as an alternative to existing lines
The factory has also been installed in other applications that require large capacity and trouble-free.
Starting at 2011, Dan-
The Web offers over 40 harnmermills, several molding stations with a width of more than 3000mm, for use in combination with other non-woven Technologies, an upgrade of the air freight production line, and three complete production lines for the production of air freight products. www. dan-web.
Com diaper recycling technology has developed a breakthrough recycling process that is much more efficient than existing air recycling
Auxiliary technology developed in the 1980 s.
This new technology is specially developed to increase the financial recovery of diapers QC waste logistics.
Diaperretracing Technology firmly believes that this will automatically translate into important games if the recovery operation has a high recovery of funds --
The benefits to the health industry and, more importantly, to the planet are changing.
The old air assist technology developed in the 19 th century 80 years requires a lot of air to operate, which is high on-
These systems typically take between 175 and 225 KW to operate, reducing energy costs.
The new diaper recycling technology operates without air and can handle the same amount of diaper waste using only 10% of the energy. [
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Innovation has not stopped by energy saving alone.
One of the biggest technological breakthroughs in engineering and R & D teams is that the quality of the separated logistics is very high.
WhenSAP through air
The fragile cross
The connector surface is damaged, thus reducing SAP absorption performance.
Diaper recycling technology unique air
Fewer designs do not require process fans, so SAP can maintain its performance with minimal performance loss.
The quality of the pulp is also the bestin-
Processing plastic flow between 300-400 times;
Plastic flows clean enough to be converted into high-value particles
Sold to the plastics industry.
The diaper recovery technology adopts the vertical stacking technology, so through the design, the whole equipment platform starts from 4 square meters, greatly reducing the floor area of the system.
The process of combining packaging with smaller volume, lower requirements, reusable material flow and reduced energy into a flow of diaper wastewater that can recover up to 86% of the value.
From 50 kg/h to 1200 kg/h, there are various sizes for diaper recycling technology. www. Recycling.
Founded in 1992, Diatec has been the world\'s leading health industry company for 25 years.
With more than 100 customers in 56 countries around the world, Diatec, with its machine and technology solutions, plays a key role in the absorption market for the production of baby diapers
Ups, adult incontinence products, sanitarynapkins, underpants and shields.
Diatec has always been at the forefront of innovation, and it has shifted the expertise in handling absorption requirements to the field of food packaging. The D-
Tech food pad line is able to produce customized absorbent food mats that meet the needs of customers from the perspective of the type of pads (edge-
Sealing pad or opening pad), composition (
Fluff or gas shop)
Size, absorption performance and packaging (stack or reel).
In addition, the possibility of working with air-laid film or fluff cores and adding active substances (
Llow customers can change the absorption rate and better customize the absorption rate according to the final application.
In addition, Diatec passed the new D-
Production line for technical gloves and headrest, able to produce onelayered or two-
Layered gloves of different shapes and thicknesses.
With proper treatment, gloves can be found in a variety of industries from personal and health care to pet care and home care. www. diatec.
Edelmann technology from Bavaria is known as a technical leader in winding and cutting non-woven fabrics.
As a pioneer in non-woven winding, Edman produced the first non-woven winding machine in 1972.
Since then, many innovations have been brought to nonwovensindustry first.
In recent years, Edelman has made significant progress in various fields. Its latest In-
Type 640 winding machine
12 is specially designed to produce perfect slit non-woven rolls at speeds of up to 900 m/min, but also to produce high loft material rolls with unparalleled volume quality. In the Off-
The line winding area Edelmann can report breakthrough developments, thus keeping up with the throughput of the second cut by the Northwest recoifil RF5 technology.
The latest spool machinery, designed for the highest throughput known in the industry, has been patented fully automatic, manual
Closing and unloading of all line axes at the same time.
As sustainability remains more important, in Index 17,Line and Off-
A spike edge trim recovery system has been introduced.
It is able to return the water Thorn fiber to the fiber opening area at a speed of up to 400 m/min, respectively, reusable fiber
The wiring version is 800 m/min.
This saves araw about 5% of the material. www. edelmann-technology.
Com FeltLOOM is a revolutionary series of personal needle-punching machines that can turn fibers into fabrics and transform premium materials for new applications.
The possibilities are endless for designers, Innovators, Researchers, seenss, felters, and artists.
FeltLOOM is one.
Individual needle felt machines capable of quickly testing the results of fiber combinations and running small production projects.
It is currently being used by fiber artists, universities, textile companies, etc.
FeltLOOM can be customized. www. feltloom.
Filcon Fabrics has announced the completion of new R & D facilities at its flagship manufacturing base in Shizuoka, Japan.
This new facility is designed to promote innovation in products such as its successful Spunpro-
To lay belts for Bond producers.
The new R & D facility, scheduled to open for operation this summer, is an integral part of Filcon\'s efforts to accelerate new product development and will be released in 2018 and beyond.
\"We are committed to continuously investing in our facilities to improve our technical level and ensure a stable high
Provide high-performance products to global customers. \" [
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Filcon Fabrics, a division of Filfilcon LTD. Is aglobal, R & D-
High drive manufacturers
Performance molding belts that meet the demanding requirements of today\'s non-woven industry.
Filconhas is a trusted partner of more than 75% Japanese non-woven manufacturers, specializing in the design and manufacture of molded wires and tape for a wide range of industries over Rs 100.
Worldwide, the number of its customers has grown steadily in North America, Europe and Asia.
Filcon believes its innovative technology can help non-woven manufacturers improve quality and productivity. www. filcon-fabrics.
Fives, an international engineering group, has designed and delivered process equipment and production lines for more than 200 years. Fives\' multi-
Industry expertise has been extended to the non-woven field, providing the ultimate technology for custom production lines, value-added solutions, and a variety of services.
Fives specially designed DMS Elowave comb carding for non-woven fabrics.
Thanks to FAFU\'s process expertise and excellent mechanical performance, the machine combines the best combing techniques. The main swift is completely redesigned to ensure better flatness and stiffness.
The machine frame has been redesigned to reduce harmful vibration during operation and to avoid damaging the equipment in case of fiber blockage.
By fully modeling the airflow inside the machine, customers can optimize the suction and blow-out areas and significantly reduce fiber build-up.
DMS Elowave can be fully opened during maintenance stops, thus simplifying access to any part of the machine. [
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FAFU also provides a variety of hoist and slitting machines for non-woven fabrics to meet customers\' concerns about fabric expansion, thickness, mechanical properties and the highest quality of the final reel.
These machines are designed for highadded-
Focus on production efficiency and minimize waste.
In addition, over the years, FAFU has extensive experience and expertise in designing and providing complete production lines for a wide range of industries.
For non-woven production lines, FAFU is an EPC contactor and project integrator.
With its highly skilled team of experts in non-woven fabrics and flexible methods, FAFU also provides equipment upgrades and modifications and comprehensive on-site services to the market. www. ftvesgroup.
Georgian textile recycling has developed an efficient solution for recycling difficult textiles including diaper edge decoration, floor decoration, car decoration, mixed polymer waste and contaminated materials
They are usually composite structures of a variety of materials and are heavily bonded and compressed, making them almost impossible to recycle.
Separation of polymer types in mixed materials takes considerable time and effort, resulting in higher costs and lower quality of materials with different particle and staple lengths.
This lower quality material is difficult to process on standard equipment.
Georgia textile recycling company successfully lags behind these types of materials through its new staple fiber production line (SFPL).
Flexible and energy-efficient production lines reduce the recovery of mixed polymer composites to simple, completein-
First, it is easy to operate and convert landfill materials that could not have been used into available non-woven fabrics.
Waste logistics can be a source within the plant, not a site or a place where materials are collected.
Regardless of the source, the flow can be reduced through the preparation equipment of the SFPL for easy processing.
This material is first entered into the SFPL preparation equipment, a series of patents
Pending equipment that produces consistent particle size material flow.
This flow can be enhanced with additional materials to give the finished product special properties such as compression recovery, wear resistance and molding capability.
Then the flow of mixed materials is processed by patent-
PendingSFPL distribution head to form a uniform batt at the required weight and width.
Batt can be processed through a combination of hot beltlamation, by air bonding, acupuncture or pressing, for applications including the ground floor, car trunk decoration, insulator, liner and insulation
Terry Sanders (706)270-
1863 usanonwoven @ protonmail.
GFM Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH has more than 25 years of experience in designing and building custom products
The production line and packaging line of disposable products made of non-woven fabric and film are manufactured for use in the medical field, the health industry and the catering industry.
At this year\'s Geneva index fair, GFM launched a new, high
Advanced modules for fully automated application of bags and cutting film on surgical curtains, as well as updated HMI for easier operation of the machine and less replacementover times.
In the fall, GFM Spezialmaschinenbau will open a fully renovated and expanded office building in Haltern am See, Germany. www. gfm-
De kunuss kunstofftechnik Gneuss recycling production line consisting of Gneuss processing unit with Lady extruder, rotating melt filtration system, the on-line viscometer and the new polymerization reactor jump enable the complete non-woven fiber waste to be put back directly into the extrusion process.
There is no compromise on quality (
(Mechanical properties)
Whether these fibers are processed by spinning or otherwise.
In addition, in jump polymerization reactors, the molecular weight of the polymer is precisely adjusted to the level required for fiber post-processing. [
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The first important processing phase, melting purification, occurs in the extruder.
The TheMRS extruder, thanks to its huge devolatile capacity, can handle PET waste and/or contamination with a high level of residual moisture (
Such as rotary oil)
No need for anything
Disposal of waste.
Solid pollution-
Automatic and process
Continuous filtering system.
In the second important stage of this process, the purified and homogenized polymer is fed into the jumping place, and the excessive surface area of the polymer melt and the optimal residence time of the polymer under vacuum are the decisive factors.
The compact and particularly efficient Gneuss recovery production line is specifically designed to directly handle large quantities of waste with low volume density, which may include rotating refined oil products or other processing aids. With it, in-
Housing production waste can be re-processedused up to100%. www. gneuss. com Hills Inc.
Hilles offers non-woven fabric production machines featuring multiple extrusion technologies.
As a result, the technology combined with textile bonding allows for the efficient production of microfiber and nano-fiber viasplittable pies or Islands-in-the-sea fibers.
Hills\' High speed slot suction is especially suitable for high
High performance polymer applications such as main carpet backing, roof film, artificial leather and filter media.
Finally, soft, high
With this technology, the attic net can be realized in just one step.
The versatility of this device means that many of these applications are possible on the same machine. [
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Hills\' fusion splitters for filtration applications, breathable barriers, and other heightsvalue uses. Sub-
Microfibers are particularly useful in efficient air filter media and can minimize the weight of the melt spray media.
Hills\' molds are designed for polymer pressure, the number of holes up to 100 hpi, and an infinite capillary tube, which allows customization according to customer polymer and product requirements.
Two-component binding machine can be used for lowmelt thermal-
Bonded Fibers of islandsin-the-
Sea of leather production and more products.
Laboratory and pilot extrusion machines for all of the above processes are also provided.
Customers can also use laboratory machines at Hills plants in Florida and other institutions around the world to support their product development efforts. www. hillsine.
Net Independent Machine Company (IMC)
The latest adult care personal product continuous manufacturing system has been developed to be able to produce very long-length layered non-woven materials separately in their single locationXL.
Rattlesnake can be wound horizontally 3-
5 inchwiide non-woven laminate is performed on the line shaft of 32x40 inch diameter.
The system consists of six modular pancake deployment stations, each of which accommodates supply rollers with a diameter of up to 42 \"inches, cut to width on 3 inch ID cores and performed via IMC dancer/tension controller
An ultrasonic welding machine, located between the driven pneumatic clamp and the outlet \"S\", winding the mesh together before winding the winding machineXL.
The wire shaft moves under the fixed input of the material, along the straight path from the process to the transverse winding, to eliminate the inclination and minimize any material deformation.
The entry core is controlled by a \"quick change\" interchange guide, which resize different product widths. [
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Cantilever winding machine-
XL has a computerized, fully adjustable, servo-driven wire assembly that will change the spacing, the length of the wire trip and the length of the end stay, and will be able to level, by installing Allen on the machine-
Bradley\'s PanelView touch screen.
IMC also offers Spoolmate-
XL is a drive line shaft with the same exact closed loop tension control used in its standard line shaft system.
These long-line axes are used instead of unwindpancakes to increase the running time between conversions. www. independentusa.
Com Investkonsult Sweden Investkonsu lt Sweden continues their strong tradition of being the primary and preferred supplier of the second supplier
Sanitary equipment.
Investkonsult offers all products from stand-alone to production line-even on a turn-
Key foundations to start with smallstart
The up companies in India and Africa have made their first efforts in entering the Analytic Hierarchy Process market, providing a complete spunmeltsolutions program for global participants. Few--if any--
Other useful equipment companies can say they have delivered and started-
In remote places like Indonesia and India, there are upspunbond and fuse production lines.
In addition to the equipment division of the Swedish investment company, the business is also growing ---
More and more non-woven and analytic hierarchy process producers have seen the benefits of having an external objective look at professional projects and doing small but valuable tasks for them.
\"We always have the highest integrity, the transparency of our principals, in-
Kerim Kalkan, the company\'s newly appointed sales manager, said: \"time delivery and full commitment to the projects we undertake . \".
Over the past 30 years, their database has been continuously updated and expanded due to extensive travel and access to a large number of production sites.
The database is completely customized. developed in-
It\'s the brain and the heart of all their activities. The geo-
Mapping systems that show the location of almost all global production facilities are also valuable tools for their widespread use.
Any inquiries are welcome, whether it is equipment, parts or consultation. www. ik.
Se Kansan Machinery has maintained the pulse of the wet wipe industry for nearly a decade.
Now, Kansan has two new machines ready to be recognized by the industry worldwide.
Kansan is rolling out the upgraded cross-fold line.
Unlike other cross-folding machines, Kansan\'s flexible working mode is compact, fast, and most importantly, does not sacrifice hygiene to get highend results.
It only needs mechanical folding and can cut up to 500/minute for flexible working function.
This provides fast and convenient production for manufacturers.
If more capacity is required, flexwork can work 700 times/min In a vacuum.
The distance between moistening and cutting is very short.
This gives us the opportunity to work easily and easily with sensitive materials such as wet laying and aerial laying.
Make a length change from the HMI screen.
No mechanical interference is required, no mechanical cam adjustment is required.
The format change will be done in an instant. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Kansan\'s flow packing machine Acurapack series has been expanded to five continents and has been
International giant manufacturers.
There is now a new model, Acurapack 160, with a design capacity of 150 packs/min.
It can provide automatic laminating replacement, a complete quality control system, three label units, a mechanism to work with small and large packages and a control panel that enables customers to electronicallywww. kansanmak.
Recently, Maxcess MAGPOWR has introduced two series of Tension sensing rollers.
The sensor is a roller embedded in the inside of the load cell to measure the tension.
They can be used as cantilever rollers (CSR)
When the deadshaft roller supports both sides (ISR).
These new products are installed faster, easier, and cheaper than individual roller and tension sensors.
Maxcess helps customers maximize productivity through innovative products and services worldwide.
By combining global services over 300 with support for well-known brands such as ValleyRoller, Webex, mobile, Tidland and MAGPOWR, Maxcess offers an unparalleledwww. magpowr. com / www. maxcessintl. com Mobi-Air Mobi-
Air produces the most advanced air in the world.
Filter equipment is specially developed for the health industry to cope with the interruption of the operation of traditional drumsfilter andbag-
Housing Technology.
The new hybrid filtering technology offers the benefits of two packages
House technology and drums
There is no filtering technology for any operational shortcomings.
The patented process can handle the air volume between 0-
75 KCMH allows unlimited coupling with adult, infant and ferns sanitary converters with a single device platform.
The Thelarge media surface is wrapped in six samespace, and the filtration of drum filter media has lower energy consumption than baghousetechnoology, and can also enhance the th rough newlydeveloped media support structure to allow 94% filter media tobreath. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Although the active filter media area is 60 and the passive filter media area is as high as 1800, the compact machine size allows more
Stage filter up to six stages, all accessories are in standard containers, allowing vertical start-up
No assembly required.
Plug-and-play modular architecture and the United Nations
Parallel portability provides unparalleled operational flexibility for health producers.
Best power requirements in combination with industryfirstzero-friction zero-
Maintenance seal with 10-
Warrantygive Health manufacturers leverage to reduce operating costs by 2017 and beyond.
Recently launched a low energy PE/PP Decoration series with integrated PE/PP ball and high density three-
The dimensional dust removal and energy-saving HVAC modules further improve the operation ability. www. mobiair.
Mondon Moncion technology, by providing a new concept, was able to change the direction of the bounce without any line stopping, reaching its last bounce milestone.
This performance is added to the new design, and even if the customer wants to change the direction of the product on their production line, it avoids any stop in online processing.
The equipment is recommended for coating and laminating production lines where the final product can be fitted with layers at several levels.
This new concept provides the flexibility to manage the processing of the product, both inside the top and outside the top.
This technology is able to manage the return speed of more than 500 mpm, thus saving time for production activity changes.
On the usual machine, the operator must unscrew the thread of the machine and prepare the machine again in the form of a new product.
Mandan\'s last rewinding machine performs this change at full speed.
There are also several options for this unwinder, such as shaft-less technology, automatic tube loading and guiding devices.
The Tuw unwinders series manages rolls from 300mm to 4000mm in width, up to 1400mm in diameter.
Mondon pays special attention to the operator\'s interface by providing machines that are easy to use and maintain.
Moncion offers cutting solutions suitable for all existing production lines to meet the quality and performance requirements of the market. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. mondon.
Japan Tungsten Corporation, Ltd.
Announced the development of new rotary die-cutting technology, carbide-Coated Anvil (CC Anvil).
CC hammers are produced in a patented process and are designed to combine the flexibility of conventional steel rollers with the strength and hardness of a complete carbohydrate hammer.
The company said the development would allow the use of carbide to cut patterns that were previously restricted due to cost or design factors, such as the presence of ordinary edges or jointedpatterns. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Accurately applied carbide coating allows half
Absorb pressure from the edge of the blade, reduce wear and improve the flexible foundation of the cutting roller service life.
This flexible foundation, coupled with the hardness of the carbide coating, reduces the overall top hammer wear and shows a significant increase in the amount of cutting between the required re-grinding.
Founded in 1931, the Japanese company has been providing die-cutting expertise for more than 30 years, utilizing strict quality standards through vertical integration of manufacturing processes, including powder mixing, pressing, sintering and processing.
The climax of this experience and years of research provides new technologies for the tungsten market, such as CC hammers.
Japan\'s tungsten industry hopes that this development will provide customers with more prices and design configurations, and customers are welcome to ask to pilot new technologies. www.
Japanese dragon.
Noxin uses a system approach with four defined layers to meet the different needs of non-woven manufacturers.
Although system components are compatible with other Nortel products, the defined system optimizes performance in production and material use.
When selecting a system, the production line speed, the ability of a single production line to produce multiple products, and future production requirements should be considered. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Within each layer, melters offers a variety of tank sizes and pumping capacity to meet the needs of additional components
Weight and line speed.
Melters on each tier vary depending on the functionality supported and the performance delivered.
For example, layer-
VersaBlue Plus melter has advanced capabilities to provide integrated mode control and closed mode
Loop flow control.
Each layer has multiple applicator options that optimize the distribution of continuous or intermittent operations using a spray or applicator.
Most layers provide at least one applicator using a common module with a patent sheet
Screw fixture for quick and simple nozzle replacement.
With the development of innovative technology, the system level of Nordisk Sen has been refined.
Continuous innovation represents noxin\'s commitment to helping customers produce the highest quality products by applying the right amount of adhesive at the right place at the right time. www. Nordsonpassive.
Com/nonwoven Oerlikon Nonwoven, as an engineering expert, provides a process solution for the effective production of textile non-woven fabrics as well as fusion spray and dry non-woven fabrics.
The Oerlikon Textile bonding method is specially designed and developed for the production of non-woven fabrics for special applications.
Polymer, filament and network weight flexibility meeting high industrial quality standards and efficient productivity is essential for non-wood producers in the field.
Oerlikon fusion spray technology achieves cost-
Production with high efficiency
Quality fusion and SMS (spunbond-
Meltblow spunbond)products. Stand-
Separate single-blow and double-blow plants produce non-woven fabrics for a variety of filtration, insulation, and adsorption applications.
The installation of \"plugs and products\" already existing in the new external SXS factory makes the cost-
Effective upgrading of new or existing spinning equipment and providing market access for high quality demand to non-woven fabric manufacturers.
In the non-woven production department of air laying, special attention is now paid to high
Economically attractive production speed and plant throughput.
Oerlikon airlay technology achieves this by forming the head, which can also produce extremely thin non-woven fabrics with its high uniformity and uniform fiber deposition.
Working with Teknoweb materialsr. l.
Oerlikon nonwoven provides innovative solutions in the field of wiping production and other disposable non-woven fabrics. www. oerlikon. com/manmade-
Optima Nonwovens offers the latest packaging machine technology, in addition to a life-cycle-based service approach: \"optimmatotal Care.
\"The total care system for Optima covers the project and starts-
Start-up and production phase of equipment.
In other projects, the portfolio includes special mobile
Concept of machinery and training.
The remote service of Optima will solve the production problem immediately.
Machine upgrades and transformation services bring flexibility and output to a new level.
TCAM and OPAL include industry 4. 0 technology.
TCAM is a digital tool for machine status monitoring (
Predictive Maintenance).
The system includes comprehensive digital link information such as wiring diagram and video tutorial.
OPAL software analyzes the efficiency of complete production lines and manufacturing sites including all details.
It can also be applied to ERP specific to transfer orders-
Automatically send data to all modules of the production line.
For more information about the general care portfolio, please visit. optima-totalcare. com. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Optima non-woven fabric is the industry leader in innovative technology of packaging machinery.
Diapers, sanitary napkins, and bathroom tissue rolls are processed and packaged into plastic bags through a turnkey line.
The machine provides the highest yield and the most stable process.
The flexible system can accommodate anything from smallestpackages to jumbo packages, and can benefit from a faster format change timeout.
The inspection function and the secondary packaging function are integrated to realize the automation of the production line.
Except high-
The product range also includes machines with small and medium capacity. www. optima-packaging.
Osprey commissioned DEKRAinsight, a global leader in process safety management, to conduct combustible dust hazard analysis (DHA)
Eagle Blue-
Sky Filters for US and European markets.
The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is a potential dust explosion hazard that requires filters to be equipped with explosion-proof devices.
The guidance documents for the study are the NPA 652 and the NPA 654 in the United States. S.
, And ATEX direcc2014/34/EU in Europe.
DEKRA\'s insight into the analysis of the combustible hazard of Osprey Blue
Sky filter concluded that \"because of the specific design and safety control installed on these systems, the system that operates the control of the flammable environment. . .
For the sake of safety, explosion protection is not required for the drum filtration system (i. e.
\"Make sure Blue-
The Skyfilter design is suitable for each specific application and the customer needs to provide the Osprey with information about dust properties, dust loading and process airflow.
In addition, the customer needs to operate the device within the scope of specific operating parameters defined by Osprey based on DHA.
Customer reports several benefits of no need to install explosion protection on Blue-
Sky filter including: * reduce cost of capital equipment (
Can be expensive explosion-proof equipment
* Eliminating continuous maintenance related to explosion protection and isolation devices * eliminating the need to find filters outside or near the explosion vent pipe www. ospreyfilters.
Rando machines design and manufacture high quality air laying machines for a variety of major industries, such as: Automotive grinding, filtration, health and hygiene, and furniture.
Its machinery also has a history of significant contributions in other special applications such as military, aerospace and agriculture.
For nearly 70 years, Rando Machine Corporation has played a leading role in the air laying process in the non-woven fabric market and continues to provide customers with the opportunity to continuously improve their products.
Rando equipment provides seamless, high-quality steering with its strategic partners
Provide key solutions by providing machinery for fiber preparation, mesh formation, shredding/re-fiber formation (
Waste recycling)
As well as oven, winding/stacking, control and other conversion equipment.
Rando Machine has introduced a standard non-woven machinery that meets the needs of customers. www. randomachine. Spa working group.
The 705 is a new rotating frame network boot system, born from the idea of designing a compact device that is easy to install, wire and manage, in narrow network industries such as non-woven fabrics[
Slightly] Illustrations
Like all Re website guides, WG.
The 705 is equipped with the latest stepping motor to ensure fast and accurate movement and zero maintenance. WG.
The 705 can be equipped with a built-in keyboard and integrated into the frame to simplify all operations of calibration and management, as well as a fixed or removable workbench with a list or piston.
Also, the keyboard will be reduced if there is a problem with the space. WG.
705 can be used with a variety of Re sensors, infrared, ultrasonic or optical in order to accurately detect a variety of materials to be processed.
With mwg10, the system can be used with ReSmart technology.
1 controller, or SmartMotion technology using WLigo controllers, a technology that is very useful for the non-woven industry, because with only one keyboard, the operator can manage more devices smoothly
In the ever-evolving and competitive health markets, initial investment in new equipment is often very important in final decisions, although it actually has little impact on the total cost of ownership of the production line.
Sandvik Hyperion has developed an innovative approach based on the four pillars of speed, waste, performance and maintenance to identify the main drivers for generating savings in day-to-day operations.
Through the analysis of the process flow of the cutting unit and the customer\'s needs, Sandvik Hyperion can provide effective advice for improving machine productivity. * A-
Flex allows quick replacement of the top hammer by keeping the cutting unit online. A-
Flex provides up to 80% of the time savings for the replacement of hammers, thereby minimizing machine downtime, maximizing productivity and reducing the need for spare parts.
* IQut provides \"intelligence\" for cutting units by measuring the main parameters that affect cutting performance \".
Through statistical analysis and continuous learning, IQUT proactively helps operators and engineers to prevent and reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and improve overall productivity. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. hyperion. sandvik.
Sonobond ultrasonic has been a global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative ultrasonic textile bonding and metal welding equipment since 1960.
One of its latest app features is for the incontinue Mar market.
Sonobond\'s tailor advanced ultrasonic sewing machine helps assemble children\'s underwear for bed protection.
Companies that need full production have bought dozens of machines
Sealed seams to prevent leakage between the absorbing insert and the rest of the underwear.
The machine in Sonoma puts the water in the bag.
Insect repellent material forming aleak
Strong anti-barrier, soft and smooth, has a good protective effect on the skin. [
Slightly] Illustrations
The SeamMaster ultrasonic sewing machine binds 100% of synthetic woven and non-woven materials or a mixture of up to 40% natural fibers.
Operate like a traditional sewing machine, their passage is high
Often vibrates into the fabric, causing the fibers to soften and merge, creating adhesive barrier seams that do not wear or fall off. [
Slightly] Illustrations
These machines can be used to assemble other types of uninterrupted products and personal hygiene products;
Medical disposable clothing, bed pads, cotton wool-
Free wound dressing;
Body armor and body armor; HEPA-
Rated and automotive filters;
Vacuum bags for commercial and industrial use;
Suction rod and encirclement;
And aviation insulation board.
Free shipping on Sonobond
Test the ultrasonic adhesion capability using the customer\'s own materials so they can determine if one of Sonobond\'s machines is suitable for their application. www.
The main non-woven fabric producers trust Spoolex to support their key projects for two reasons.
First, because of its strong organization, the Spoolex Group is able to manage all
Complete the project from simple problem to complex problem.
Recently, the French company delivered, commissioned and put into production a complete spooling 3 spooling unit on the other side of the world in due course. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Secondly, Spoolex has more than 60 years of conversion equipment expertise, 38 large spooler production lines and more than 2000 spoolers for the production of narrow tapes worldwide, thus gaining
Spoolex is not just a simple machine manufacturer, it is also a process expert.
Its technical team of skilled technicians and engineers with real material expertise, combined with the tension control expertise, enables the company to continuously innovate and provide more and more productivity improvement solutions;
The company invests 5% of its R & D turnover per year and currently owns 23 patents.
In support of its growth last year, Spoolex began various operations and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017: * Calemard range extension * test workshop extension * factory extension (
Production area + 50%
* New Company website www. spoolex.
Founded in 2004, Teknoweb Converting is the ultimate supplier of manufacturing solutions for the wet wipes industry.
The company works directly with Ilapak and other partners belonging to the toIMA group to meet new quality standards and shape innovation throughout the transformation process to integrate conversion and mobile packagingCutting-
Advanced Technologyspeed, multi-
Functional design and modularity make Teknoweb conversion an excellent standard for wetwipes conversion and packaging, providing complete, hassle-free-
Free, flexible, efficient, fast and reliable production line with the lowest tco.
The latest innovations in Teknoweb Converting and Ilapak have been very successful.
The new Exige 4 cross folding wipes conversion platform is the fastest safe machine for Cross folding wipes.
The Exige type 4 is a four-lane conversion system that can produce cross-folded wipes at a speed of 2500 wipes per minute.
Thanks to the integration with Ilapak, this state-of-the-
The Artconverting platform can be integrated with the Genesis Pack flow wrapper, which produces wet wipes at a rate of 100 packs per minute.
Teknoweb\'s Mark II split-type glove conversion machine provides great flexibility for the production of dry or split-type gloves.
The Web unwinding system and thread management ensure accurate manufacturing.
Ultrasonic welding eliminates the need to use hot melt in the shape design of gloves, which not only reduces costs but also has flexibility.
The excellent stacker unit with paddle and timing belt guarantees excellent stable stacking in perfect shape.
It is easy to deliver materials to downstream packaging equipment, flow packager or packager.
MarkII converts specified gloves at speeds up to 400 ppm and offers the best TCO on the market.
\"Connected wet wipes\" is the latest innovation in wetwipes production control.
Simply scheduling and monitoring the entire production process to improve the efficiency and planning capabilities of the conversion and packaging production lines is a digital solution.
All operational data is collected and implemented by the software embedded on the platform, which publishes details of the smart re port and production status to any device on demand (
PC, tablet, smartphone)
: A real MES in the box.
An automatic tool that manages workshops, controls performance levels, reduces waste, saves time and money. www.
Teknoweb conversion.
Trutzschler non-woven fabric now offers dedicated highspeed card.
The water Thorn line used to wipe the material often reaches more than 300 m/min on the winding machine, and the new card layout opens the door to such a highspeedprocesses. By re-
Design pre-
The opening and transfer parts of the combing area were significantly expanded.
According to doffingsolution, parallel, concentrated or random nets can be generated.
Triitzschler\'s clean card concept ensures high availability of the machine.
Various technical measures reduce the risk of fiber pollution and facilitate treatment. [
Slightly] Illustrations
The new main roil winding machine meets the needs of offline processing, further processing of water Thorn materials in the second step. Thissurface-
The drive automatic winding machine is equipped with a complete cross cutting and joint system.
The basic winding machine plus its several options meet the requirements of the large winding machine
Large-scale production line of sturdy water Thorn materials. www. truetzschler.
De Valco Melton\'s non-woven systems and components apply important market principles to produce various patterns and widths for all Hot Melt Adhesive applications related to the manufacturing requirements of most sanitary products.
Ongoing industry-specific research brings the latest, state-of-the-art technology to increase production speed, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize the flexibility required for changes in market demand.
The company\'s latest innovation, the SmartMelt series, is the beginning of a brand-
A new generation of melting and adhesive distribution units based on PLC.
Thesmart is a fully customizable unit that allows for easy future upgrades through smartbox to get precise control of the glue application and configure the program according to the specific requirements of each line.
Connectors and communications are 100% compatible and do not require proprietary electronic equipment.
This new concept helps Valco Meltoncustomers to keep the initial capital investment at the level of their process requirements at the time, but there is still plenty of room for them as their manufacturing requirements and process requirements are established[
Slightly] Illustrationswww. valcomelton.
Wilma Corporation of America
For more than 30 years, Wilma has been the leader in the shrinking size of the wood, paper and plastic industries.
Weima, which has a variety of crushing and crushing equipment, has a solution that can meet the needs of any operation and turn waste into profits.
With the constant fluctuation of oil prices, the demand for stable supply of materials is crucial.
Many non-woven manufacturers have integrated paper shredder systems and granulators into production lines.
This allows crushing and re-
The ball making of waste materials reduces the demand for the purchase of raw resin.
Wilma single k single-
The shaft shredder series provides many customized options for the recycling of non-woven fabrics.
F rotor is most commonly used for initial destruction of non-woven products.
It can be equipped with bolts or welding knife clips, ideal for crushing fine wires
Basic materials (
\"F\" represents \"silk \". \")
Weima also offers a frozen rotor option for those materials with a lower melting point.
The frozen rotor is hollowed out so that the cooled water can run through the inside of the rotor at the time of crushing.
This reduces the rotor temperature and allows redredder to process this material as efficiently as possible without melting.
This rotor option is available in a larger version of the thek series (
WLK10 and bigger. )
Weima America keeps the WLK15 shredder with drill rotor at the main campus warehouse in fort Mill, SC, to cool the inventory.
Non-woven fabrics are very durable, but they usually release quite a bit of dust when they are cut or crushed.
For example, when the leg holes in baby diapers are cut off, the dust released can be both harmful and extremely dangerous in the production environment.
The installation of the press machine when collecting dust system emissions helps to eliminate dust in the factory and improve overall safety.
The dust collection system can pneumatic any remaining dust into the covered Press.
This eliminates the need for employees to take the time to clean up and transport dust and makes nearby machines run in dust
Free environment.
After all, manufacturers are always looking for ways to make production safer and more profitable.
The pressure of the Weima Press (not adhesives)
Compress the ball or shavings into small hockeypuck-
Formed coal balls.
At a speed of up to 9: 1, the Press block can save the company a lot of money
Separate fees.
The less bins that are shipped away means a larger bottom line and a smaller environmental footprint. www. weimaamerica.
Weko Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co.
KG Weko Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co.
KG from southern Germany
To its non
Contact minimum application system for the functionality of non-woven fabrics with hydrophilic, hydrophobic or antibacterial properties, as well as treatment with avivage and aromas.
Non-woven fabric completed with special surface
Active substances that optimize physical properties. Many well-
Known manufacturers and manufacturers rely on accurate and variable Weko coating technology to achieve significant cost and quality benefits.
Weko recently launched its latest generation of spray fluid application system, the new Weko-ProTec.
Based on the known rotor technology, a packaged rotor carrier is developed to prevent the bad pollution of the environment safely and reliably. \"With the Weko-
ProTec, for the first time, we successfully integrated
Apply liquid to a very clean and safe environment, \"said Markus Klempin, non-woven product manager.
Due to the encapsulation to protect human beings from inhaled substances, harmful chemicals will not be used outside the system.
In addition, the cleaning work of the machine environment is reduced to a minimum.
ProTec offerClean and precise.
The applied chemical only lands where it should land--
On nonwovenweb.
Several users with a product width of up to 7 m have successfully used the new system. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. weko.
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