an exhibition on medical textiles

by:Nanqixing     2020-03-20
The textiles used in the health care sector are more than bandages, surgical masks and gloves.
Including hernia mesh, sanitary products, use-and-
Throw surgical clothes, etc.
The Coimbatore area is one
Well-known centers for textiles and healthcare facilities.
The Medical Textile Excellence Center of the South India Textile Research Association organized three-
Until March 2, medical textile exhibition and conference to promote the use of these products and develop the industry for these products.
Sakthivel Perumalsamy, head of Center of Excellence, told Hindus on Friday that the goal of Meditex 2014 and Medineeds 2014 is to raise awareness of medical textiles in the public.
Whether it is police, rural women, water conservancy workers, surgeons, industrial workers or it professionals, there are special textile products for their safety and hygiene.
All three days will be held workshops for students, surgeons, police, textile factory workers, foundry workers and hospital housekeeping staff.
The exhibition is to promote the medical textile industry here.
A total of 60 people participated, 25 of them from other countries and 1 from Germany.
They exhibited some machines, surgical gowns, clothing, diapers, gauze materials, implants, special beds, bandages, etc.
There are only a few machinery manufacturers in the country, most of which are key components of imported machinery.
The industry can take advantage of opportunities in the field of products and machinery.
The supply of water, washing and drying of conventional textiles are becoming a problem for hospitals.
So most of them buy to use-and-throw non-
Woven products and these products are also available in the kit.
However, these should be specific criteria.
These issues were highlighted in the event.
In addition, Mumbai-
On Saturday, a hospital will display a full set of clothing made of composite textile materials.
It protects surgeons from infection, he said.
The event was supported by the Federal Ministry of Textiles and the exhibition was open from 10. m. to 6 p. m.
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