coles ceo john durkan has issued yet another backflip over controversial plastic bag ban

by:Nanqixing     2020-04-04
Coles continued to suffer a major rebound after returning.
Plastic bags are prohibited.
Source: AAPCOLES has renewed its ban on plastic bags.
Just one day after the supermarket giant confirmed it would offer customers free plastic bags indefinitely
The deadline for the free package is now fixed.
Supermarket chief executive John Dukan sent an email to his 115,000 employees.
Mail seen on the newscom.
Au confirmed that the supermarket extended the bags provided free of charge until August 29.
\"We will provide free packages for customers of QLD, NSW, VIC and WA until Wednesday, August 29,\" Mr Durkan said . \".
\"I appreciate that this transition phase is taking longer than expected, but our customers are definitely right.
\"As you experienced for the first time --
This is a huge and difficult change for many of our customers.
\"One day after the end of the supermarket\'s latest marketing campaign\" small shop \", The Free package offer will end. The double-
After the retailer announced yesterday that it would offer reusable plastic bags for free indefinitely, environmental groups, other retailers and social media users strongly oppose backflip.
August 1 should be a cut-
But Coles said they would keep providing the bags.
Usually 15 cents-for free.
The move sparked strong opposition from environmental groups, social media users and even other retailers. A Change.
A petition was organized yesterday to call on people to boycott supermarkets until the ban is restored.
As of this morning, more than 3000 people have signed the petition.
Coles continued to suffer a major rebound after returning.
Plastic bags are prohibited.
Source: Australian press spokesman Coles defended the move. com.
Au: \"When Coles eliminated the single
On July 1, in Queensland, new state, Victoria and Western Australia, some customers told us that they needed more time to transition to reusable bags.
\"We are happy to see customers getting used to bringing reusable bags from home, so they don\'t rely much on free bags at checkout.
\"Many customers with luggage from home still find themselves in only one or two bags, so we offer free reusable better bags to help them finish their shopping.
\"The free package is designed to help customers transition to reusable packages, a temporary measure.
\"We will continue to hear from customers and team members to assess when customers are used to bringing their own luggage and will inform them as much as possible.
However, customers on social media have not been comforted. .
@ Coles as a large Australian supermarket, your decision to continue to distribute plastic bags for free is irresponsible & a mockery of your \"commitment\" to sustainability.
I have taken my business elsewhere before you undo this decision. Auspol @ walabor boycoleslet, we sent a huge nationwide to @ Coles
I won\'t shop in Coles unless they reverse this greedy environment madness. I will limit my grocery shopping to @ woolworths and @ ALDIAustralia until you grow a pair and force the use of plastic --
Congrats to bags pol @ Coles for destroying the environment.
The flip back of your plastic bag means I don\'t shop anymore.
At least woolworths remains committed to the future of sustainable development in our country.
Greenpeace, a WarOnWasteAUEnvironmental environmental group, said the retreat was \"a mockery of their commitment to reducing plastic waste \".
\"The decision made a complete mockery of Cole\'s claim to reduce waste of plastic, a betrayal of their millions of customers who want the supermarket to do the right thing and support outspoken minorities, zoe Deans, an Australian Pacific activist at Greenpeace, said.
\"The cancellation price means that these reusable bags are more likely to be used and discarded at one time.
\"For a small and outspoken minority, Coles is giving in too fast, no doubt, coles will be hit by customers who don\'t want to see plastic bags littering on the beach and kill marine life because of this decision
\"We hope Coles can quickly reconsider their decision and we call on millions of Australians who support the reduction of plastic bags to connect with local stores to let them know.
Harris Farm Market Limited
CEO Angus Harris has called on the state to enforce a ban on singles
Use plastic bags.
\"We are very disappointed that Coles supermarket decided this morning to lift the ban on plastic bags and re-issue them.
\"Plastic bags that can be used for unlimited free,\" Mr. Harris said . \".
\"We are now calling again on Gladys berregic and the state government to enforce a ban on singles
Use plastic bags immediately.
We also call on the Coles board to reconsider this decision for our planet.
Jeff Angel, director of the environmental organization\'s swing ang Alliance, said in an interview with The Herald Sun that it was \"weak behavior \". “These so-
The plastic bags known as reusable are almost as thin as the banned lightweight ones, he said.
\"They have a very limited life span, and the elimination of price signals also means that they are more likely to be discarded --
We warned.
\"Woolworths has confirmed that they will not follow the threads of coles.
Source: Woolworths, the main competitor of AAPThe supermarket, has confirmed that it will insist on using guns in the plastic bag ban.
In a statement sent to the newscom.
Au, a spokeswoman for the retail giant, said that most customers in Woolworth \"accepted this more sustainable way of shopping\" and thanked shoppers for their patience and support.
\"Our focus is to continue to help all of our customers develop new and sustainable habits,\" the statement said . \" Woolworths will continue to reward customers with their own luggage, he added.
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