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The Tree of Life, called Cocos nuca L.
Coconut palms is a tropical palm, a member of arec plants that thrive in more than 80 countries around the world, especially in areas with an average temperature of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Coconut trees have short trees and high varieties, up to a hundred feet.
At the top of each tree there are 30 pinnate leaves, 20 feet long.
Considered one of the most important food and cash crops in Asia
In the Pacific, every part of the coconut tree goes from the root to the tip of the leaf-
Bring great benefits to mankind.
In fact, nothing is wasted in coconuts.
This is why it is often called the tree of life.
Here are a few-
Or is it appropriate to say countless? -
Use of coconut: its roots all the roots of coconut trees are grown below the surface with a fiber mass and extend out according to the height length of the tree.
If you find yourself stuck on an island and need a toothbrush and mouthwash like in movies and TV, go for a coconut tree.
However, unplug some of its roots and choose a softer one
Then break it down a bit to form some kind of bristles and rub gently on your teeth.
Coconut roots will definitely do it!
But if you are not satisfied with brushing your teeth yet, you can cook some roots or extract juice from them and then you will get a medicinal mouthwash!
In addition, coconut roots can also be made into natural dyes and tooth powder.
It is also used as a drug to treat diarrhea and diarrhea.
However, in reality, personal hygiene may not be your top priority when you find yourself stuck on an island;
Maybe even your last time.
Intuition will tell you how to get out of this place and get home as soon as possible.
One thing you should remember when it comes to survival: Coconut!
Look for a coconut tree.
None of the islands, especially in the tropics, do not grow a coconut tree.
Cut the coconut trees vertically into two halves and tie them together with stripes on the coconut branches to make a raft.
The coconut strips are strong and do not separate even when immersed in salt water.
Of course, when you have a raft, you need something to move it forward.
Cut the trunk and design it into a paddle.
Then, make a sail with the coconut front to prevent you from being exposed directly to the sun.
Oh, don\'t forget to bring a coconut fruit or two to quench your thirst and hunger if your journey home takes a long time.
But, apart from the purpose of survival, do you not know that the coconut tree dry is a very good material for housing or construction?
Long, straight, and branching
Due to its durability and strength, fewer suitcases are the first choice for craftsmen and carpenters.
Typically, the diameter of each trunk is about 30 to 40 centimeters, sometimes up to 1 m at its bottom.
Its wood is suitable for building components such as pur bars, truss, walls, doors, beams, jal flowers and window frames.
From the middle part of the trunk is called low
Wood of density, suitable for non-
Load structures like panels and walls.
While the portion of the perimeter of the trunk is called high density wood, it is best suited for pillars, truss, floor tiles or parquet floors, door frames, pur bars, railings, beams, floor support beams, railings and other loads-
Bearing structure.
In the construction of large buildings, the coconut trees are even suitable for power and telecom poles, scaffolding and wood.
Coconut trees also produce quality fishing boats.
Similarly, the unique texture and natural appearance of coconut wood makes it a very good material for different furniture, parquet floors, decorative inner walls, handicrafts, kitchen utensils, axe handles and novelty items.
Treated and polished coconut wood is even exported to other countries to make cabinets.
In addition, paper and pulp can be produced from coconut wood.
In fact, trials have been carried out in the Philippines and New Zealand, indicating that this raw material has a good potential to manufacture pulp and paper of comparable quality to hard wood.
The juice of the dried coconut trees can also make people feel soothing.
In Hawaii, people use dried coconut as materials when making food containers.
They also used it as a straw skirt drum;
When they were in the Cook Islands, they dug up.
Take out a dried coconut to ferment \"jungle beer \".
The leaves of coconut are not only a good sail.
Its leaves can be woven into straw hats to protect you from the hot sun, or they can be woven together to make cool sleeping mats.
In rural areas of the tropics, coconut leaves or leaves are woven into thatched roof or cottage, walls, privacy fences, food covers, fruit plates, packaging, floor mats, plates, fans in so many items, there are lampshades, baskets, bags.
When the middle pulse, or the central vein that connects the leaves together, make toothpicks, toothbrushes, grilled skewers and home decorations, you can also make toothpicks, toothbrushes, roasted
You can even make a beautiful Christmas tree.
Tie several midveins together and make an efficient broom, known as \"walis Tingting\" in the Philippines \".
Dry leaves and empty bunches are used as fuel.
Dry leaves are also used as torches in rural areas.
In addition, in the central and southern Philippines, vendors and local tourists weave several leaves of coconut into a heart --
Bags in half shape
Fill it with rice, then steam it and get readyto-
Go and have a rice called Busan. heart)
Or the language of the language.
Children in Rural Philippines use their little ingenuity to make balls with coconut leaves.
Fibers from \"guinit\" and coirThe brown fibers-
The foundation called ginit or guinit (Philippine)language -
Wrapped in coconut palm leaves, like a helmet and a hat, is an effective sunscreen material.
Slippers, handbags, fans, home decor (
Such as lampshades, artificial flowers, handicrafts)There\'s more.
At the same time, the short and tough coconut shells woven from the inner shell of the coconut are woven and pressed together to create hundreds of eco-friendly products.
There are two kinds of coconut shells: Brown fibers produced by mature coconut and;
White fibers from immature or immature fibers.
The thermal conductivity of both fibers is very low and has excellent thermal insulation effect on temperature and sound, flame-
Fungus-and rot-
Resistant to moisture and humidity even in constant use, elastic, static
Free and easy to clean.
Brown coconut shell is the right material for carpet, door mat and mattress fabric.
It can even be combined with latex to make a durable and flexible interior for the car.
On the other hand, the white coconut shell is usually spun and used to make fishing nets and ropes.
It can also be used on board as it can withstand salt water.
The Coir door mat effectively removes dirt, mud and dirt from shoes due to its short thick bristles.
You don\'t need to throw away your coir door mats when they\'re broken because they can still play another role.
You may use them as covering in your garden; it is an eco-
Friendly Alternative
Renewable peat moss.
Or you can put them in a compost pile.
You can also make an effective barbed cleaning brush for your kitchen and bathroom from a stronger brown coconut shell, simply cut them short and pointed and secure them inNot only that!
Coir is a natural and eco-friendly asbestos substitute in the manufacture of cement cardboard.
It is not only friendly to the environment,
It is also much cheaper than traditional reinforcement materials.
Also, you can weave the coconut shell into a large opening
During heavy rain and storms, soil erosion is prevented with mesh nets.
It can effectively absorb moisture and keep the top soil intact.
Similarly, it can prevent drought in the soil and promote new nutrient growth.
Coconut flowers from the buds of coconut flowers, you can produce coconut juice, coconut Todi or coconut Todi, a Visayan term for local wines.
Extract tub by cutting the development stem of the coconut flower from the tip, and the juice drops from it.
Then collect sap in sugong in handmade bamboo-
Stem container, harvest after a few hours.
The freshly harvested sap is milky white and sweet.
It can be made into vinegar, sugar or organic sweeteners.
Normally, the local edible pigment tungog is added to the sap, which makes the tuba red-
Orange and bitter taste.
Tub Marina is a very common drink in rural areas of the Philippines, especially in Visayas and Mindanao.
For a stronger taste, the tub is fermented to produce a strong gin called lambanog.
Tub bread is also a good source of yeast for making bread delicious bread products!
At the same time, coconut flowers can be cut, dried and painted to create clever decorative items or candy trays.
The humble coconut shell provides a variety of environmental protection purposes.
In rural areas of the Philippines, people use it to scrub the floor and leave a shiny surface.
Pillows and mattresses can even be chopped.
Have you ever seen a coconut shell button or bag?
Yes, coconut shells can be converted into beautiful novelty items.
It can also be used as fuel and charcoal.
In central Philippines, vendors use coconut shells to store this sweet delicacy called coconut shells.
Coconut water the water of the young coconut is pure and proved to be one of the highest electrolyte sources known to human beings.
It is also a very effective blood purifier.
Coconut water is best eaten after the fruit is opened to maintain its sensory and nutritional properties;
Otherwise, it loses its essence when it starts to ferment.
Coconut milk or cream is produced by squeezing ground ripe coconut with cheese cloth or by hand.
In addition to making the food more delicious and creamy, coconut milk is also rich in nutritional value and beneficial to health, such as rich in manganese, help the body form trace minerals that connect tissues, bones and other functions;
Coconut milk is a rich source of phosphorus and an important nutrient for building strong bones;
Helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin and blood vessels;
A cup of coconut milk contains a large amount of iron, which is essential to protect the body from anemia;
It contains potassium and helps reduce blood pressure;
Coconut milk contains magnesium, which helps to relax muscles and nerves;
Coconut milk can help you control your weight because it is rich in dietary fiber;
It contains selenium, an important antioxidant that controls free radicals;
Coconut milk is rich in vitamin C and helps to keep the immune system healthy and prevent colds and coughs.
Its zinc content gives coconut milk great potential in slowing down the development of cancer cells in the body.
Coconut oil offers hundreds or even thousands of health benefits and uses for humans.
First of all, it is an effective way to prevent hair loss.
Don\'t you know you can even shave or remove makeup with it?
Also, as I mentioned before, you can use coconut roots as a toothbrush.
Now make toothpaste by mixing some coconut oil with baking oil and then brush your teeth to become healthier and whiter!
The use of coconut is endless.
In the Philippines, there is a saying: \"The person who planted coconut trees, the person who planted containers and clothes, the person who ate and drank, the person who lived for himself, for his
\"From a plant point of view, coconuts are not really nuts.
To be more precise, it is called the nuclear fruit, which is an uncracked fruit with an external fleshy skin that revolves around the hard inner Peel.
The seed or kernel in the inner Peel.
The young or green coconut has soft, gummy flesh or meat inside, which makes the fruit salad, pastry, Candy better, or can be eaten simply.
It is soft enough to be easily removed with a spoon.
On the other hand, mature coconut meat is stronger and sticks to the inside of the shell.
It is a good raw material for several specialty dishes and may even be dried out for sale as copra.
Usually, a complete
The size of the coconut is 1. 44 kilograms.
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