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by:Nanqixing     2020-03-29
Thanks to government and supermarket encouragement, reusable shopping bags seem to become almost as common as plastic bags.
More and more people are trying to get these bags to make sure they have enough food for their grocery shopping and more companies are handing out reusable bags as a gift at the door.
They were promoted to environmental protection.
Friends are free to distribute in the event.
All of this worked well for Mr. Alvin Liang, the 32-year-old founder of green storage.
Green Storage, non-vendor
Woven Bag, saw a strong double
Over the past few years, the number has grown as the movement against the use of plastic bags has increased.
Mr. Liang, who was hired as a designer, began
In 2011, he helped a friend design a recyclable bag.
Over time, he saw more potential in this part.
Time to work and design recyclable bags for company customers.
His design work expanded to provide
Because he \"has been with the local
Woven Bag Manufacturers \".
Green Storage eventually grew more than auxiliary projects, and as the business became richer, Mr. Liang decided to build the company into a complete
Three years ago, entrepreneurs
\"We have more customers coming to us.
\"I have to start hiring people to help the company grow,\" he said . \".
Liang\'s focus is good for the company.
Business has more than doubled.
He also got more repeat orders, expanding his non-woven bags.
He enjoyed his time as an entrepreneur.
\"This is a good way to meet people from other big companies,\" he said . \".
But run a company.
Time as small as 10 employees does take some time to adapt.
It\'s no longer just about the design to take out the bag, but it also includes hiring and maintaining employees, investigating his account, managing the business, inventory and promoting marketing work.
\"I think marketing is the hardest thing to do.
\"I\'m still learning to deal with clients,\" he added . \".
One of the challenges customers face is how to get the design order correctly.
Sometimes, the color of the color may be a little different from what the customer wants.
Unfortunately, there is no way to redo the print.
\"These packages have specific brands for our customers, so we can\'t sell them to others.
We have to provide them with new bags.
\"From the beginning of the old,\" he said . \".
Mr Leung also pointed out that collecting money could be a challenge.
Some customers refuse to pay even after getting the goods.
\"We can\'t spend too much resources trying to get our debt back because it will be more productive to use our resources to get a new business.
\"We did do our best to get the payment, but it was not easy,\" he said . \".
In addition
Woven bags are cheap and it is easy to buy cheap products from China, which makes the market very competitive.
The advantage of green warehousing is its delivery speed, Leong said.
The company maintains considerable inventory to ensure that it is able to service rush orders.
\"A lot of people put the last-
There are very few orders and our minimum order volume is 100.
So we need to have stock to meet these orders.
We deliver as fast as we can, \"he said.
Last year, complementary products such as lanyard and t-were requested as customers began-
Shirts for company customers and events.
Leong believes that there is potential for further growth in the business as meetings, incentives, meetings and events grow (MICE)
Green storage will be able to source and supply more products.
His goal now is to make the company
Corporate Gift stop center.
\"But as a growing business, we need to improve a lot of things first, such as our customer service, market reputation, pricing, design, and launching more innovative products,\" he said.
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