how to use a sewing machine: basics for beginners

by:Nanqixing     2020-03-27
So you want to learn sewing.
Sewing with sewing machines is not difficult, but it does take practice to be comfortable.
In this article, I will give you some tips or tips to help you start the tailor.
I love sewing very much and have a home custom window to handle the sewing business.
It\'s a great business for people who love the challenges of sewing, enjoying measurements and installing window treatments onto a particular window.
It is satisfying to work with beautiful fabrics and decorations, especially to see happy customers.
It\'s a great job if you like sewing and decor.
Find a tutorial on making the beautiful Gate station shown above in Mollie.
If you are a budding tailor, you should know that some basic things will make sewing easier and more interesting.
In this article I will tell you what these basic sewing tips are. Just remember;
\"There is no better way to learn how to sew. . . than to do it.
\"If you feel depressed because you think you don\'t understand the instructions, or the line keeps sticking out of the needle and stopping to take a break.
When you come back, take a break and it makes sense. . .
But unless you pull a longer thread before cutting it off on the machine, the thread will still come out of the needle when you start sewing.
Some of the supplies you need to start sewing are: sewing machine, scissors, tape measure, ruler, chalk pencil, straight needle, needle pad, extra sewing machine needle, manual sewing needle, thread, sewing machine, iron and pattern.
You need a good sewing machine and extra sewing machine needle.
If you have a machine, a machine that has not been used for a while, be sure to clean and oil it.
You can find instructions on how to clean and lubricate the machine in the owner\'s manual.
If you buy a machine, remember that you don\'t need to buy the most expensive sewing machine on the market.
At the same time, don\'t waste money on the cheapest machine.
Sharp scissors: you want a good sharp scissors that is only reserved for sewing.
Don\'t let the child use it to cut the cardboard, and don\'t let your husband use it to cut the wires.
You can also buy a cheap pencil sharpener to keep your scissors in good shape.
I have needle cuts for almost all fabrics, but you only need it when cutting or easily worn out fabrics.
Pin and Pin or tailor pin: my favorite pin is the longer pin with yellow balls at the end.
If you lose one, it\'s easy for them to see (or many)
And it\'s easy to handle.
I fixed my pattern to the fabric with a pin for cutting, I fixed two pieces of fabric together with a pin for sewing.
I nailed along the sewing thread I was going to sew.
Since I don\'t like stitching on pins, I don\'t cross the seam horizontally. . . .
There are too many broken needles in such sewing machines.
In addition, you also need a container for PIN pads or pins.
The other needles you want on your hand are sewing machine needles and hand-sewn needles. Seam Ripper?
Seam ripper: I don\'t like to use this one, which is absolutely necessary, so use basting seam when I have questions about the seam (extra long)stitch first.
Basting stitching is easy to remove and can be re-stitched with regular stitching.
But the seam ripper is a great tool when you need to redo the seams.
Tape measure and tape measure: you want a 6-
An inch dash and a 12-inch or 18-inch ruler.
I have an 18-inch steel ruler that I have been using;
I can rely on straight edges without gaps.
You will use a ruler to measure the straight line of the pattern block from the edge of the fabric.
You will also use the pattern when it is adjusted.
Steam Iron I can\'t emphasize how important it is to press the seam when your pattern tells you.
Develop the habit of doing this from the beginninggo.
You can see the difference.
This is a step that many people tend to ignore, but whether we are talking about clothing or window jabots, pressing is very important for the suitability and appearance of the project.
You will want a good steam iron to suppress.
As with any steam iron, be sure to read the instructions and use the recommended water type.
Sewing pattern: for your first project, I would recommend making a simple apron, elastic waist skirt or shorts, pillow or cafe curtain for your kitchen.
Start simple work into more difficult projects.
Confidence comes from practice.
No matter what you do, relax yourself a little and don\'t expect perfection right away.
And don\'t give up.
As a tailor, the better you do, the more you will love sewing and be proud of your achievements.
Simple patterns have instructions that are easiest to understand, so start with simple patterns.
On the back of the pattern, it gives advice on the type of fabric suitable for that particular pattern.
It will also tell you how much fabric you need depending on the size you choose.
The measurement chart shows the size of the pattern.
Fabulous fabric: In your first project, choose a woven fabric like a cotton or cotton blend.
It is best to print or solid color fabric at first.
Spikes and stripes need to be matched at the seams, so it\'s better to leave them for later items.
If your fabric is 100% cotton, be sure to clean and dry the fabric before cutting it.
The mixture of cotton usually does not shrink, so I will not pre-wash either.
Chalk marks pencils use chalk pencils to Mark darts or match seam marks from patterns to fabrics.
As you can see, my pencil is well used.
I like to mark with chalk because the chalk pencil mark can be easily removed from your fabric.
It\'s a good idea to have a small hand-held pencil sharpener and your sewing supplies to keep the pencil sharp.
Colorful threads have a lot of colors, so you can easily match the threads with the fabric.
When you can\'t find the exact color of the fabric, use a slightly darker color instead of a lighter one.
This is not obvious on the completed project.
Beginner sewing HintsI likes to cut the pattern I am going to use before laying the pattern on the fabric.
The simple pattern has good pictures and instructions for cutting and sewing the fabric.
They tell you how to put your pattern on the straight plate of the cloth.
I always pin my pattern block to the fabric so that the pattern does not move when I cut.
I also pin what I want to sew on my body.
Mark using the seam width on the machine (
On the needle Board)
Guide your fabric.
Most of the recommended seam widths are 1/2 \", 5/8\" or occasionally 1/4 \".
By using the seam width mark on your machine, you get consistent, neat seams.
The secret of professional sewing is related to trimming seams, cutting curves and pressing seams.
This mode will tell you when and where to do it. . .
You don\'t want to skip these steps.
How to dye elasticity I found this to be a good tutorial for dyeing wide elasticity that matches maxi skirt fabric.
Find the direction of dyeing elasticity in Dana Made.
Maxi SkirtI likes maxi skirt and notes that this tutorial from personal competition is a very easy to follow.
Buy some cheap fabric from Walmart\'s clearance desk, and if you\'re afraid to start with your favorite fabric, make a skirt first.
Simple tote bag you can use this simple tote bag as one of your first sewing items.
Find instructions on needles and spatula to make totes for beaches, shopping, iPad, etc.
When you make one, you will see how easy it is.
Then you will come up with more ways to use totes.
If you want the resource to find a lot of great free patterns, go to all freesewing free patterns to get you stitches.
There are plenty of free patterns on this site that make you happy and busy and give you all the sewing experiences you want.
The site offers all free modes to help you select your next project.
Start by specifying it as a simple pattern and move into a more difficult pattern as you gain confidence.
65 free apron sewing pattern nsi runs on this site and lives below zero and decides I have to share it here so the beginner tailor can choose the pattern they like.
There are 65 free apron patterns to choose from.
I only looked a few and was impressed with the choices.
The list of free modes can be found on live websites below zero.
The first thing you can sew is to sew a beautiful Chef Apron for your husband.
Of course, the pattern is an adjustable apron so you can wear it too.
For instructions on making this chef\'s apron, please visit instructures.
Free curtain pattern to SewAt free curtain pattern to sew, you will find a series of curtain patterns that are easy to sew.
These are great first projects that you can use when you finish it.
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