i am not a plastic bag

by:Nanqixing     2020-04-05
\"In April 25, Sainsbury launched\" I am not a plastic bag \"at 450 stores \".
All stocks are now sold out due to huge demand.
\"I heard about it in the vegetable fruit shop (
Yes, an exotic place for fashion gossip)
Blackpool lined up to buy these shopping bags, and as people came to buy them from Preston, a quick look at ebay, there were 5 shopping bags that cost £ 7, while the original designer shopping bag cost £ 50.
According to the BBC, they are made in China.
Under the conditions of sweatshops, workers\' rights are low.
Take a break, fair salary)
Fly Here (
Such a large carbon footprint).
So, it\'s really just a way to get a lot of news from luxury brands and fake green credibility.
I hope people can catch it.
So I made one myself.
You need a bag first.
In order to get a super eco-friendly ethics certificate, you need a bag of organic fair deals.
I think this is a handbag from the United States, a shopping bag from the United Kingdom.
The people tree provided the 5 I used plus postage.
There is a print on one side of it.
Another item you need is a marker pen or a loom pen.
I used a black Dylon loom pen for about 1. 20. (
I don\'t know about Dylon\'s code of ethics, so don\'t blame me if they prove to be super, because I have no choice at the local haberdashery \"black\" in Deansgate, Blackpool, Lancashire).
This photo is the Anya Hindmarch package from Sainsbury, where people queue up to buy and sell out all over the UK.
It\'s really simple.
Just write down the witty information of your choice in your neatest print (not joined up)handwriting.
Wait a minute, let it dry, then iron it on it to fix it.
The original designer Anya sindemage wrapped up the fancy font \"I\'m not a plastic bag \"(see the photo)
\"I\'m not a plastic bag,\" sainamiys said in a very simple text \".
You can say \"actually I did it myself\", which is much cooler than \"actually I waited outside the supermarket for three hours and made people reluctant to accept the latest stuff.
\"This is what I look like, although the wear on the bottom is due to the use of it on my wheelchair handle (
So there\'s no dirt in your wheelchair. .
Total time of 5 minutes.
Remember where the iron took longer.
The total cost is about 6. 20.
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