innovative applications to be promoted for textiles

by:Nanqixing     2020-03-25
Coimbatore is one of the country\'s major textile centres and is home to three centres of excellence set up by the textile ministry.
There are several medium and large
These centres will promote innovative applications of textiles, in particular the use of non-functional textilesWoven material.
Industrial textiles and home textiles CoEs of the PSG Institute of Technology and Applications and medical textiles CoEs of the Textile Research Association of South India (SITRA)
There will be incubation facilities soon (plug-and-play model).
According to available data, the market size of the country\'s industrial textiles is RS.
The price of medical textiles is RS 9,929.
RS 4,282, RS for home textiles. 9,274 crore.
Depending on the product, the market is growing at a rate of 6 to 14 per year. In 2012-
2013. imports of industrial textiles account for the total import of technical textiles (Rs. 6,525 crore)
Medical textiles accounted for 7 of household textiles.
The export of technical textiles reached the level of rupee.
7,117 crore and these 15.
Monthly action to be taken for the industry of textiles.
Medical textiles and 10 pieces.
Household Textiles accounted for 9 per cent. The 60,000 sq.
The Financial Times Center for Excellence in industrial textiles was established with a total cost of nearly Rs. 40 crore.
Among them, the land and construction is the responsibility of the PSG Institute, which approved the Rs. 25 crore.
The focused incubation center will be launched at the cost of Rs. 2.
85 crore, which will study filter products, coconut shells and acoustic materials. According to G.
The center promotes research, encourages industrial use of installed machinery, tests, training, and production of products for commercial use.
It has established a complete production line to produce wet wipes and needle punch coir products for various uses and is working on various raw materials to produce non-
Woven mat can be used as filter in different industries.
\"Some test equipment is not available elsewhere and can be used by the industry.
Similarly, the industry can work with the center to conduct product research for specific applications.
This center can be used in any industry . \"
The center has signed product agreements with some industries
Specific research.
With more attention to research and a better understanding of the existing facilities of the center, the development and manufacture of products for industrial purposes may increase, which will be costs-
It works, she says.
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