let\'s r-u-m-b-l-e!!! : sharp jabs, vicious uppercuts and stinging hooks at the world heavyweight championship poetry bout

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1. The Buildup. Bets are down.
The brown paper bag in the Bible sprouted.
7-belt style in forest
And Coke cans.
The audience has more than 500, and has paid $ month-long tickets and $ month-long side seats, just settled in to rebuild pigly Wiggly super.
When referee Peter Rabbit slides the ball into the center of the ball ring, the market will fall.
Long and thin, wearing a soft hat and thrift
Store seersuker set, the rabbit grabbed the microphone when he reached into the microphone.
From the beautiful Ramona ballroom in Taos, New Mexico, the World Poetry capital \"rabbit Thunder \". . .
The crowd burst into cheers. \" . . .
Challenger Quincy Theatre against champion Simon Ortiz. .
World heavyweight poetry champion!
\"The wise man on the terrace at the back of Caffe Tazza has established Ortiz, who is from the oldest continuously inhabited place in North America, Acoma Pueblo, at 7-5. 2. The Prize.
One focus is on the Max M.
Finstein Memorial Poetry Award-
Bronze boxing gloves on top of wooden pyramids-
Simply called \"the biggest\", and named after the poet, in 1980, when his pickup truck broke off the road in a snowstorm on his way to Los Angeles, he died.
It\'s a fist against the trophy.
Silver buckle engraved with the words \"largest.
\"Next to the Navy --
Blue baseball cap, Bill borders the cut beads drawn and sewn by Cheyenne artist Joyce Starr.
\"World heavyweight boxing champion poet\"\"3. The Rules.
Two poets, last year\'s champion and challenger, were selected by the World Poetry Association.
In 10-round bard-off.
In theory, the score is based on the 10-
Point must be system.
Each of the three judges must use the full individual criteria to issue 10 points to the winner of the round;
Unless there is an intellectual knock down, the loser usually gets 9 points.
In fact, the judges only designate winners for each round.
In addition to the seventh round of allowed accompaniment, the poet must only use the naked human voice. (
Last year, in taking Ntozake Shange\'s title, Ortiz used a boombox tape to support her poem, bumping stones in the river into each other to frame \"woven stones. \")
The tenth round is impromptu.
Each poet draws a note from his hat and has 30 seconds to create a poem based on the idea or phrase on the paper. (
Butt vet still believes that Victor Hernández Cruz\'s 1989 improvisation on the word \"mud\" is the best 10 rounds in tournament history. )
Poetry must remain within five for the first time this year. minute limit. (
Wags calls this the Anne Waldman rule. )4.
In the depths of Ramona, the managers gave the poet the last --
Margaret, Quincy\'s wife, advised: \"This is a large group of people . \".
\"Don\'t drag anything back.
\"Ortiz and two Indian poets, Lance Henson and Sherman Alexei, were crammed into the green room and they read in a preliminary reading two days ago.
In the red corner. . .
The rabbit pointed to an empty stool on the right side of the ring.
\"He is fighting demons every day.
He walked the unknown path and many people followed him.
New Mexico can be S-i-i-m-on \"--
He stretched the syllables and stretched them back like the rubber in the slingshot ---\" Or-t-i-i-z! !
\"The Thin, glasses-clad Ortiz, who goes to work in sneakers and jeans, jumps across the aisle with a folder full of poetry in his hand.
The audience cheered.
Ortiz\'s sister, who never heard him read a book, shouted, \"my brother!
\"Hug him before he gets to the stage.
Ortiz, the son of a railway worker and an outstanding potters, is the official \"translator\" of the association\'s external world and the vice governor of his Pueblo, probably the greatest of all American Indian poets.
Last year, the Native American writers circle nominated him as the winner of the second annual lifetime achievement award (novelist N.
Scott momadi won first place).
In 1992, Ortiz wrote the story for the PBS documentary \"surviving Columbus.
His 14 episodes, before and after lightning, will be published this month.
Ortiz is a humble and strong man who is also a mean, terrible, fallen man when alcohol devours him
Drunk, who knows the interior of the entire Western VA hospital.
This contradiction is often the center of his poetry.
In the black corner. . .
The rabbit roared at the stool on the left.
\"His team is very long.
He spat on capital letters.
He\'s gonna knock you out!
Sir Quincy Challenger! !
\"Theater buildings 6 feet, 2 inch and 220 pounds over Ortiz.
University of California, San Diego, professor of American and Caribbean Literature and Creative Writing, winner of 1980 \"snake\" poetry American Book Award
\"Back solo\" and collaboration
Author of Miles: Autobiography, one of the most inspiring books ever about American music, the troupe at T-
With Miles Davis\'s face printed on his shirt, his fear bounces under a colored baseball cap scribbled with the words \"music healing \".
Applause was obviously suppressed. 5. Your Reporter--
I have two cats myself. -
The original version was designed by Linda Fleming, a solid bronze boxing glove on an industrial spring.
There is one on the top of the TV.
The other door I used.
When I blew out the Chicago poet Terry Jacob from the ring in 1984, I won my first Max.
Until today, he still disagrees with the decision.
Jacob is not the only poet to swear that he was robbed.
The great New York poet Victor Hernández Cruz still does not accept doyenne Anne Waldman of the Bordner ropa Institute who defeated him in 1989.
Andre kudescu, known for his surreal mini
On \"All things considered\" by National Public Radio, raps never admitted that Cruz surpassed him in 1987.
Of course, I never thought that Codrescu beat me fairly and fairly in 1986 and destroyed my three-
During the year after I defeated the subtle Zen country poet Joanne Kyger, I made great progress.
Special France Transylvania
The natural kudescu appeals to evil ideas.
A game, wearing a Batman jersey he wore the day before, came to the bat --
Deep in the cave of Carlsbad.
Codrescu\'s shirt works on more than one level like any good poetry device.
The dress proves his tradition again, but he also knows that I will admit that the shirt once belonged to a common friend, a young poet named Jeffrey Miller, on his way back from a liquor store for his birthday party, he accidentally wrapped his car around a redwood tree and committed suicide.
I have read poetry in the United States and Europe, in primary schools and universities, in museums, theaters and bars, in front of thousands of people, in front of both, but everything I \'ve been through is not so naked, so stressful
War as champion poetry.
People listen so intently that you can hear what they think.
In the game against kudreescu, I broke down.
I know I\'m upset.
I was eager for the knockout and I gave up my game plan because the work of the previous year surprised the judges.
The battle is over.
Codrescu knows, I know, and even worse, the judges know.
In the first unanimous decision in the history of the tournament, I fell into the sea of fire. 6. The Promoters--
Early in the morning of the battle, Peter Rabbit and his partner Anne McNorton called at WPBA headquarters with the help of organizing the new president
An Indian poet named AmarilloMexican Bob)Madueno.
Climb the metal staircase from Zeke\'s car Supply Company Office-
Almost no table. -
Manuscripts, plastic foam cups and old battle posters are everywhere. T-
The shirt celebrating the past match was hung on the only window.
For the past 13 years, rabbits and McNorton have been the driving force for WPBA and its predecessor, the Southwest Muse Association.
They met in Libre in 1969.
A thriving commune in southern Colorado.
Rabbit, who changed his name from Duterte years ago, is the founder of Drop City, one of the first big citiesGround wire-scaledomes-out-of-rusty-car-
Commune in his 60 sThe no-
Nonsense macnaugton, like a rabbit, has always been a poet.
\"People don\'t know what kind of tent we\'re coming here,\" she said wearily . \" After arguing with one of the 19 print and e-journalists, hang up the phone, the biggest one so far.
Since 1981, the champion has expanded from a restaurant
Bar to the Taos Civic Auditorium, to the Taos Convention Center, to Ramona\'s, the area\'s largest indoor space.
No one in the WPBA collective was paid to make the world heavyweight competition, the culmination of the group\'s annual Taos Poetry Circus, which this year includes eight days of workshops, reading and daily espresso
Come on in the afternoon-
A public meeting of long coffee.
WPBA\'s budget is $20,000, funded by grants from county and local foundations and ticket sales.
Both the challenger and the champion took about $1,000 and the cost, and even by the standards of poetry, it was not a huge sum of money.
After reading the popularity of Al Simmons\'s \"Poetry Grand Slam\" in Chicago\'s attic and nightclub, the rabbit came up with the idea of holding a tournament in 1981.
After the poet Jim Desmond used his chair to chase Sarah, saying that he was not satisfied with Jerome Sarah\'s reading, the laziness began.
Soon after that, they convinced Simmons.
Dome poets, come up with a forum that they can express in words.
Simmons did it and sold tickets to the event.
When the rabbit asked for permission to produce similar products in New Mexico, he was very excited.
Rabbit, a natural impressionist and tireless idealistic, has long tried to push poetry to the world.
He said: \"The more I think as I get older, the most I care about is the community. \"7. The Judges--
In terms of scoring, the WPBA tournament is fundamentally different from the Grand Slam, which has spread to bars across the country outside Chicago and will be held at Los Angeles station in Los Angeles.
Criticism, concept-based poetry can also ~-and should--
Judged by ordinary people, judges are usually randomly selected from the bar audience.
So slammers tend to read directly into the pit for-Punch down
A grand slam usually doesn\'t look like a poetry event, but like a standup comedy. Or stand-up tragedy.
In contrast, the WPBA judges must be residents of Taos and have no \"porn or business\" interest in Bout\'s results.
Their names have never been made public.
This year\'s judges are a photographer who takes photos of the small League baseball game, a sculptor living in Taos Pueblo, and the secretary of the printing company that produced the show for the game. 8. In Training--
On the Sunday before the match in June 11, the troupe ended a series of concerts in the central library of downtown Los Angeles, accompanied by long hand George Lewis.
When Lewis untied the long and Apple notebook (
Has been programmed to synthesize sound)
He said what he was going to do.
\"Reading with musicians helps me to express better,\" he explained . \".
\"It helps me to think about words and how to read them and manipulate the rhythm.
I go back and forth in a bunch of words.
I\'m going to beat Ortiz up.
\"Most poets have the same strategy: Read your best nine poems, reach a climax in the way you read often, and spread your theme across the vast poetic landscape.
But in last year\'s game against Ntozake Shange, Ortiz took a new approach.
He set out a theme. -
How does a person stick to his own things-
A poem comments and reinforces another poem.
At first Ortiz seemed to have a monochrome attitude towards the gorgeous, dramatic Shange, but with the turn, Shange withered under Ortiz\'s moral attack. Her poems--
It seemed so sexy, confident and wise when she beat Waldmann last year-
Start losing their moves.
In the middle of the battle, one of her black net socks was torn.
Under the hot lights, her lipstick began to apply like blood.
The event made some poets feel uncomfortable because of its open competitive atmosphere.
She had to be coaxed for several years before Waldman agreed to attend;
So is Ortiz.
Over the years, Masters like Alan Ginsberg, Robert Duncan, and Amiri Baraka have observed the champions, even in the non-
Competitors, but refused to enter the competition circle.
\"I think competition is always there --
\"Known as the Association of polite literature,\" said the troupe.
\"I just feel like Peter Rabbit is dealing with this outside.
People compete for funding and publishers.
People don\'t want to say that, but that\'s what it is.
Once, I read it with Ginsburg and I went first.
He walked up to me at halftime and said, \"What do you want to do, burn an old man ? \"?
Then he took it to a higher level.
\"The champion is more contradictory.
Ortiz insisted: \"Competition is indispensable to poetry . \" He drove north to Taos two days before defending.
Nevertheless, he admits that the same two poets may not attract reading one by onesized crowd.
\"The champion\'s attention to poetry is very important,\" he agreed.
But the poetry of individualism is a waste of time.
\"Ortiz stared at junipers and pinyon outside the window, staring at the sere landscape in New Mexico, much like his own work ---
An ordinary surface only hints at the richness below.
\"I think the real winner should always be the voice of the people and the people.
\"Just before the start of the game, I told the troupe what Ortiz said.
He was right, and the challenger agreed, \"but God, one won and the other lost.
Then he admitted that he had sprinkled Goba\'s dust on Ortiz\'s stool. 9. Into the Ring--
The rabbit called Ortiz and the troupe to the middle of the ring and flipped a coin.
Ortiz lost the game for the second year in a row and must read it first.
Ring girl Laurie Cook in high heels and tight black dress holding a sign on stage to announce the \"first round \".
\"The character of the ring girl is actually important: like a cookie during a wine tasting, clean up the viewer\'s palate between rounds.
I swept the face of the crowd.
All types and ages: rich woman of turquoise pumpkin
Necklace of flowers;
Poor people in dirty sandals;
White hippies and nursing mothers;
College students who are ready for notebooks;
Pueblo Indians with braids in their hair;
Snowbirds look like they just got out of their Winnebagos and a handful of kids.
Last year, when he yelled at his pre-
Hit the hype, the rabbit was so hurt, his false teeth fell out.
Without missing any beat, he grabbed them, waved them over his head, and drove the audience frantically.
Will he do it again?
\"Okay,\" Rabbit bellows, his helicopter is firmly in place, \"Let\'s R-U-M-B-L-E! ! \"10. The Match--
Ortiz fired all his business from his new collection.
\"Imagine a man in this country now known as the United States from one place to another,\" he wrote, pointing out himself accurately in a changing environment, at the same time spread the news and run away in the face of long-term difficulties, and strive to maintain the vitality of the soul and culture.
The troupe stood up and burst out a poem about the liberation of Nelson Mandela, calling out the god at the crossroads-the great spirit gun, the voodoo priest and the gods like elegiac.
When he sang \"The spirit of going there. . . Wa-Doo, ah-
His earrings sparkled and shook.
I handed the first round to the troupe.
The champion must know that he is fighting.
When Ortiz came out in the second round, he hung the purple baseball cap on a ring bar to retake the turf.
Ortiz said: \"seed\", pressing with the index finger and thumb, indicates an invisible kernel.
He looked at the small seed for a long time.
This poem is about a man sitting in the middle of a university campus fighting for his own sanity.
\"It was already 1 point when he decided to give up poetry.
Two members of the media muttered mum to each other, and an audience booed them.
\"He didn\'t want to be swayed by the brisk birds somewhere.
Continued Ortiz. \" . . .
He didn\'t want to know either. . .
The seed before his eyes was a small monument. . .
New life, the beginning of what he saw.
The audience burst into applause.
Next to me, a guy patted his finger happily.
The troupe came back with \"my poem sewed the hole\", but Ortiz has set the rhythm and tone, slowing down the Knicks in the Eastern playoffs and forcing the troupe to play his game
If Ortiz continues to do so, focusing his poet\'s eyes on the essence, he will make the challenger look crazy, and his words are so static in the emptiness.
Ortiz\'s second turn.
When she went through the stage for the third round, the ring girl used her feather baby to itch under her chin.
Ortiz went into his folder for another new song \"Busted Boy\" he wrote after moving to Tucson in last January \".
\"I\'m new here in Tucson, but I\'m no stranger to the scene/waiting for the bus, and I\'m not looking around for plain clothes.
I know they are waiting in America, they are here.
/Waiting for the boy caught, the life caught.
\"The troupe has launched a similar theme,\" skull along the river \", which departs by boat from New Orleans. . . .
\"The best time for the world heavyweight Poetry Championship is a duet, a phone call --and-
In response, the theme is intertwined in the works of the two poets, allowing the audience to see the world from many different sides.
The troupe leaned over and whispered to the microphone, \"We suffer because we have/have no other way to find beauty/no other way to find love/We suffer because we have/have no other way to find memory.
A voice came from the back of the room: \"Simon, you have caught him!
\"I marked my transcript
For Ortiz, when he went to the podium with \"some of the past poems I wrote\", a new piece about montmisurra.
\"Where are the Indians in this dirty town? \" he begins.
\"My temptation is to go to the nearest white man and say, \'Where are all the Indians in your dirty town? \'?
The poetry of the Quincy Opera Troupe is spread from jazz and blues.
Not just about music. -
The themes include the Duke of Ellington, Miles Davis, Beverly\'s holiday, and Dina Washington--it is music.
The troupe is in St.
Louis around musicians
His brother is a drummer, and jazz musicians like Arthur Braith and Lester Bowie are his family and friends.
\"I think the language of poetry should be inspiring,\" he told me at the downtown library . \".
\"I think this poem is a script to perform.
\"The fourth round belongs to the\" River Town packaging House Blues \"of the troupe:\" Big Tom is a black/cold black eye, big Tom is a black/black steel meat/standing like a gladiator/soaked in animal blood. . .
\"The troupe\'s fingers are above his head, and the electricity can be twisted.
He was afraid to sweep like a wild animal.
When the horse\'s tail tightened his body, bent his knee, and stepped on a chorus that was as complex as the rhythm and hiphop.
The sound behind the room spoke too fast. Now it\'s 2-
2: two outstanding poets at the top of their form spiraling higher and higher.
Of course, in the fifth round, the ring girl\'s voice was also trained into long purple gloves.
He remembers his mother and father singing \"Catholic Church-
Long before he began writing, Ortiz began singing country and western music.
Ortiz declared calmly, \"1864 Sand Creek of Colorado Territory,\" citing the United StatesS.
Devastating attack by the army on the Cheyenne
\"Acoma Pueblo, 1599,\" he continued, marking the date of the Spanish attack on Ortiz\'s own people.
\"My Lai, Vietnam, 1968,\" he stopped and said, \"My Lai/Oh, why?
We know why you died. Now we know why you died. . .
\"These words are repeated in dozens of combinations, as his harsh voice explores the connection between the Holocaust.
Smoke billowed in the room.
People abandon themselves in the heat.
\"You live in Shaxi. . .
Ortiz sings that his poem is over when a little child shouts \"thank you.
\"The fifth round of poetry of the troupe,\" Las crues, New Mexico, \"it quotes jeromo and\" The big Mees on the tall like a Vegas gaming table \", with Ortiz
I played three or two rounds during the break, Ortiz.
While Tom Club and John colteren were buzzing on the sound system, I jumped in the room and my periodita tie was on my shoulder
I compared notes with a friend, Jack Kolom, a wonderful poet from Boulder, and his daughter, Serra.
Jack said he had a troupe in front of him.
Sierra gave it to Ortiz.
I talked to at least 20 other fans. It\'s a tossup.
\"Sometimes I think I have never determined whether I am a poet or not, and I don\'t understand what poetry is,\" Ortiz said on his way into Taos . \".
Poetry is a story for me.
Poetry should give reality a mythical dimension, even when writing everyday things.
\"When Ortiz started round 6 with\" History, Place, Indians: as usual \", I thought of that.
\"In this poem, Ortiz wandered around a street in New York, looking for a place to have lunch after serving as a group member at the annual symposium of the Modern Language Association.
This is one of the most brutal meat markets in academia, when he saw an old Indian man leaning against the wall of Times Square, holding a sign \"going home requires money to go to the window Stone\", Navajo Nation.
\"I approached him and reached out my hand with a smile and said \'yaahteh \'.
The traffic on the street 42 is uninterrupted.
He looked at me, shook his head and ignored my hand.
The Indians in the room-
There\'s more than I \'ve seen in the game. -
Nod for approval when Ortiz reads.
For the first time, I realized what the troupe was facing.
This is the country of India.
In half of his six rounds, the troupe measured his quietest and most private work at night, \"poetry for my father.
Old Quincy trupe
He died in 1993, one of the best catcher ever in the black league, and an unofficial historian of the game.
\"Father, it is an honor to be with you. . . . \" To the poet (
Who removed a \"p\" from his last name \")
His father and his father\'s teammates are pioneers of the New World. . .
Magical truth by immersing and disguising in a blue environment, just as the fastball is hidden in the slider, bending and decomposing in an evil environment, cunning grinding and posing for the ass
Scratching Uncle Tom, like the old satchel Page, delivered his famous hesitation trap before returning with a hard, tall, fast backpack. . .
\"I got it even at the end of 6.
In the seventh round, poets usually do some big work. -love and death--
This may surprise the audience.
Instead, Ortiz stumbled.
In another poem/story, the poet is surrounded by tourists and has to find a way to go beyond frustration with beauty, and he seems to be repeating himself.
I want to know what\'s left of Ortiz.
I have a good idea where the seventh round of the troupe will go.
I saw him power the crowd in Los Angeles. A.
At the beginning of the week, he used the same verse, and he set it perfectly with Round 6.
Sure enough, it\'s here--
A poem of \"magic\": \"Take the suction cup to the basket,\" Magic \"Johnson, recreate the reverse hoo bucket gem in the spin, trade Lane --oop-dunk-a-thon-
Magician passesnow, double
The pump, scissors, uppers are suspended in place through space, then put it on the face of the suction cup, \"Magic\" Johnson, handle the round ball like you do. . .
This poem perfectly embodies the sanctity of the troupe. Come on. home-to-
The crowd became crazy in Jesus\' style.
He\'s in the lead on my card, 4-3.
Ortiz needs a big poem here, he writes beautifully, has a quiet lyrics, recently written in Rosebud, South Dakota, middle of the SU people, ending. .
This is what we see on the edge of this rainy dawn, where the water trembled and tender on the roof.
It is this prayer that we have noticed and cannot avoid.
It\'s raining on Tuesday morning.
It could be California, and the Pacific is like a cloud with horses flying over the coastal hills, through the Valley of the desert, over the mountain that Lakota plariette might be, but now, it\'s inrain.
The troupe responded with his own lyrical work, collage, and while the round was nearing its end, I gave it to Ortiz, 4-4.
But just as he was about to release the troupe, Ortiz chose to sing another song.
This is about a person who was brought before a judge and had the opportunity to make a statement.
\"Yes, your Honour. . .
You have no honor, judge.
Ortiz\'s low voice began to tremble.
He began to stumble over his words.
The troupe roared in the title poem \"avalanche\" of his next book: \"I want this poem to kneel down before treatment, hoping that it will become magical under the bright cross, become the song of praise, juju wants to make it a mojo hand raised to the flight force when the troupe admits the warm applause, the blonde 4-year-
The old man next to me turned to his mother and said, \"he is my favorite.
\"At 9: 00, it\'s troupe 5 --
10 rounds, an impromptu round, separating male poets from boy poets, women from girls.
On 1992, Anne Waldman, not a strong improviser, lost Ntozake Shange\'s title on the 10 th, when she sent out a short, panicking
The ring girl is torn into G shape
The strings and a sparkling sling are used as pure inspiration for the poet to take off the light.
The rabbit took out a small bowl of Pueblo in Santa Clara and Ortiz reached in.
The rabbit picked up the folded paper and read it out loud-\"black hat.
Nervous laughter came from the crowd.
Ortiz started almost without hesitation, and she deliberately said every word before he left: \"Don\'t forget to bring your black hat . \".
He turned to ask her foolishly what she meant.
\"Ortiz will take us through the origins of the hat, the history of the relationship, and the exploration of symbolic emotions.
When he reached out to get the black hat, she dropped it on the ground.
\"Any fringe mental patient can string together a bunch of words that the audience may understand;
In the world of poetry, this is the so-called \"open poetry Machine \".
\"But Ortiz went further and shaped a story about the emotional complexity of the ashes of love ---
From two words, on the spot.
The audience applauded him.
The troupe returned strongly.
Handling \"shark skin suit \"--
\"The man in a shark\'s skin suit put his hand into his pocket and took out a 10 \"--
He created the story of a Stagolee: a liar gave a woman $10 to leave with him and she refused him.
The Hoodoo syllable sparkles like the silver \"Q. T.
His earrings, but the work did not reveal the \"myth of reality\" Ortiz talked about in the car \".
Even the troupe thought he had won.
I have killed the battle.
As the lights light up, the rabbit collects the cards of the judges and forms the scores.
The crowd was silent at the moment he started over. Enter the ring.
\"Judge one, six points-4 Ortiz.
Supporters of the Champions cheered nervously.
Judge two called it seven-3 for Troupe.
The song fans of the troupe is answering.
\"Judge No. 3\", the rabbit cleared his throat with suspicion, \"Judge No. 3 gave it 10 points --
0 Quincy Troupe!
The world heavyweight champion and the new champion are the Quincy Troupe! !
\"City councillor Bobby Duran jumped on the stage and showed the trophy as the media spun around two contestants.
\"I read the book with Ginsberg,\" the troupe looked both dazed and excited, and said to reporters, \"I read the book with Baraka, but I \'ve never been like this tonight. \"I\'m in shock.
I can\'t believe the judge will give the troupe 10 rounds. I collar Ortiz.
\"Do you believe who the winner is tonight?
\"I cried out in the noise.
\"Yes, I know,\" he replied . \"
Frantically, I chased the rabbit and complained about scoring, but with the hugs of Ortiz and the troupe, he had already laughed ecstatic at the center of the game.
They joined hands and raised their heads.
I looked around Ramona\'s house.
There was a heated debate in every corner of the room.
Poetry is alive.
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