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by:Nanqixing     2020-04-01
On Tuesday, the city\'s main supermarkets began using cloth handbags instead of plastic handbags to mark World Environment Day, with the theme of this year being \"beating plastic pollution \".
Kozhikode Municipal Corporation has begun efforts to end the use of plastic handbags in supermarkets in the city in January, a move that has been well received by regional units by Kerala supermarket Welfare Association (SWAK).
The plan was to turn to the cloth bag by April 1, but it did not take off mainly due to the unavailability of such a large bag.
Although it was a bit late, with the help of Niravu Vengeri, the effort came to fruition and the company offered to provide the required amount of cloth bags.
The ban on carrying plastic bags is part of the district administration and the Suchitwa mission zero waste Kozhikode project, identifying plastics as major contaminants, and the reasons why most local agencies are facing difficulties in managing solid waste.
Initially, supermarkets began to charge prices for plastic or non-plastic
Woven bags from customers.
The plan is to gradually purchase cloth handbags through Kudumbasree units and replace plastic and non-plastic
Woven bags with them.
However, the demand cannot be met by Kudumbasree.
\"At that time, none of our Kudumbasree units produced cloth bags.
When a new unit was formed for this purpose, the fiscal year was over and we had to reallocate the funds, \"K. V.
Baburaj, chairman of the company\'s Health Standing Committee.
\"Even if we started to charge prices for plastic bags, we were well received by the public.
Most people are willing to bring their own shopping bags or reuse the ones they buy.
Few customers complain, \"said Musthafa V, president of the SWAK region.
The association plans to sell cloth bags for £ 15 per piece and will also buy them back if they are brought back neatly.
They also stipulate that empty plastic food bags be collected from customers and then handed over to Niravu for recycling.
The association plans to launch cloth bags in all supermarkets throughout the region, but it may take some time due to the lack of a sufficient number of bags.
Niravu could not meet the requirements either.
\"There are many supermarkets in this city.
We may not be able to meet the needs of all people permanently.
\"More vendors should be in this area,\" said Babu Parambath, project coordinator for Niravu . \".
On the other hand, small-
Scale dealers still use plastic and non-plastic
When some customers are annoyed by the inability to use, woven handbags.
\"We must also introduce the cloth bag culture slowly in the small shop . \"Musthafa added.
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