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Nan Qi Xing Start Up Capitalization Strategy With Blue Ocean In Hongkong


On December 19, Guangzhou Nanqixing Nonwovens Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Blue Ocean Technology Co., Ltd formally signed a cooperation agreement on capital market counseling and signing ceremony at Global SME Equity Exchange Center Hong Kong headquarters.

Chairman of Nanqixing Li Huiqiang, general manager of Blue Ocean Technology Ouyang Ling, on behalf of both parties signed the agreement text. Professor Yang Sizhuo, member of WOGC Education Committee and vice chancellor of World University Union; Dr. Qiu Zhenhai, a well-known current affairs commentator of Phoenix Satellite Television; Dr. Shen Xingpeng, vice president of Sheng Shang Holding Group; and Mr. Zhu Jiayi, co-founder of Blue Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. witnessed the signing of the contract.

Nanqixing experienced a rapid growth from scratch and from small to large through 15 years of development, and experienced 2008 annual expansion of production and into overseas markets in 2010 two major strategic upgrades.

Nanqixing will take this cooperation with Blue Ocean Technology as an opportunity, to improve corporate governance, and achieve standardized development process. And establish a sound incentive mechanism with equity as the core, attract and retain key management personnel and key technical personnel, and lay the foundation for the long-term and steady development of the enterprise.

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