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by:Nanqixing     2018-10-13

Lanjing Group pioneered fiber-forming technology to further promote the sustainable development of the nonwovens industry   

Lenzing Group invests 26 million euros to develop new fiber-forming technology for nonwoven products · The new process platform is derived from plant wood pulp and is made of 100% continuous lyocell filaments. Austrian Lenzing Group has announced that it has successfully launched the new process platform “LENZINGTM Web Technology”, focusing on the production of sustainable non-woven products that will open up new opportunities in the market. After investing 26 million euros and after years of research and development, the Lenzing Group completed the trial operation of the one-meter-wide test equipment at its Austrian headquarters. At present, most non-woven products are made of plastic materials that need to be decomposed for hundreds of years, such as polyester and polypropylene. In addition to the lack of suitable processing technology, the non-woven fabric industry is the main source of landfill problems worldwide. Based on the LenzingTM fiber-forming technology, the water-absorbent non-woven fabric from plant ecology will produce a non-woven fabric of 15 to 80 g/m2 by environmentally friendly production process, with various surface textures and drape. Biodegradable, clean and safe performance is also certified. Stefan Doboczk, CEO and Chairman of the Management Committee of the Lenzing Group, said, “The current non-woven business accounts for 30% of our core business, but we are committed to promoting stronger growth by participating more actively in value chain innovation. Fibre-laid technology represents a key milestone in our focus on specialty products under the strategic guidance of sCore TEN. We will continue to lead sustainable specialty product innovation, empower industry partners and customers, and drive business with more sustainable solutions. success.' The new Lenzing® fiber-forming technology is used to produce non-woven fabrics made from 100% continuous lyocell filaments. The raw material is derived from plant wood pulp. This web-forming technology integrates standard non-hot melt nonwoven bonding techniques such as hydroentangling and needle punching. In addition, the patented technology supports a unique self-adhesive mechanism for filament formation in the laying process. This self-adhesive mechanism allows a wide range of surface textures, drape and dimensional stability for a range of products compared to other nonwoven technologies that use 100% cellulosic fibers. According to Robert van de Kerkhof, Chief Commercial Officer of the Lenzing Group, “LanjingTM fiber-forming technology is a perfect example of the Lenzing Group’s strategic growth and commitment to breakthrough innovation through the provision of more sustainable products to consumers. Will continue to explore consumer awareness of disposable products and actively support customers through technological innovation and sustainable cellulose products.' LenzingTM fiber-forming technology will become a process platform for the nonwovens industry, supporting a wide range of product development in the future. The technology is flexible and integrates with other nonwovens and textile technologies, enabling the development of a range of composite structural materials for highly engineered end uses. Wolfgang Plasser, vice president of the global nonwovens business of the Lenzing Group, said, “Given that the nonwovens market is expected to reach US$35 billion in 2022, the compound annual growth rate will reach a staggering 7.5% during this period, using sustainable raw materials to support non-woven The ecological and environmental development of the cloth industry is crucial. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the negative impact of plastics in waterways and marine ecosystems. Therefore, the disposable product industry is obliged to intensify efforts to solve such problems. We expect that the new Lenzing fiber Web technology will support this eco-value chain, using natural biodegradable cellulosic raw materials to create more innovative applications.' As a pioneering technology for cellulose non-woven fabrics, the non-woven products supported by LenzingTM fiber-forming technology will be officially launched after in-depth technical development and continuous improvement of processes and products with industry partners.
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