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by:Nanqixing     2018-10-14

Waterproof non-woven fabric, material properties of waterproof non-woven fabric   

Waterproof non-woven fabric, material characteristics of waterproof non-woven fabric: Light weight, good strength, good waterproof performance, strong compatibility, strong anti-UV performance with pigment ink, can be used outdoors, indoors do not need to cover the film in the short term, pearl canvas material feels soft, feels like natural silk. The ink absorption is large and the color performance is soft, non-reflective, and waterproof. It is used in various indoor photo machines, water-based inks, and pigment inks for long-term storage. Use range: For a variety of portraits, posters and POP paintings, trade show graphics, banners and long-term logos, art photo, wedding photography, commercial and civil, interior and studio background production.
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