plastic bag ban: ‘you don’t actually need a plastic bin liner to put your rubbish out’

by:Nanqixing     2020-04-02
After the ban on plastic bags in South Australia, sales of bin liners have increased.
Source: News Limited now Coles and Woolies have scrapped plastic bags, what should we queue up?
Of course not the warehouse wheel.
Australia\'s two largest supermarkets have been completely eliminated.
The use of plastic bags was praised by environmental groups on Friday.
The move will affect shoppers in new states, Victoria and Washington, bringing them in line with South Australia, tazhou and the bill, which already ban plastic bags across the state.
A statewide ban in Queensland will take effect next year.
Shoppers will have to pay 15 cents for heavier, reusable plastic bags from next year.
Jon Di, managing director of the environmental lobby group, did something, and the founder of the National Plastic Bag campaign called on the federal government to impose a nationwide ban.
\"Such a nationwide ban will reduce the use of plastic bags in Australia by about 6 billion bags a year,\" he said . \"
Brad Banducci, chief executive of Woolworths, said the number of supermarkets sold exceeded three.
There are 2 billion plastic bags each year, \"so it can play an important role in reducing the overall use of plastic bags \".
\"Today\'s commitment shows that we are committed to taking our environment and community responsibility seriously,\" he said . \".
However, the problem with the discarded plastic bag is that it increases the use of the bin liner.
In 2012, a review of the South Australia package ban found that only among consumers who bought bin liners before the ban, and only 80 after the ban. \"Some doubts have been added about the wider environmental benefits \".
The review suggested that \"any future initiatives should include a focus on changing the behavior of domestic container liners \".
This is due to the fact that in the modern highly compacted landfill, the bin liner \"does not break down well\", a 2014 WA Government study noted.
In 2011, a report by the UK Environment Agency found
Compared to heavier options, the use of plastic bags actually had the lowest overall environmental impact on eight of the nine categories, when the entire production and transportation life cycle was taken into account.
A paper bag must be reused seven times in order to have the same \"global warming potential\" as traditional plastic bags\"
Duty plastic bags 9 times, handbags 26 times, cotton bags 327 times.
The study calculated that more than 10 plastic bags were reused in all lightweight plastic bags to replace heavier bin liners.
As families line up using a bin liner or plastic bag, the plastic bag is phased out, the bin liner is discouraged, and the natural problem becomes --
What exactly do you want to use?
Well, ideally, you shouldn\'t put anything in a bin other than garbage.
2014 the \"practical solution\" to the bin problem raised in the study includes \"reuse or compost surplus food\", \"packaging food residue with paper before disposal (
If this is done, the waste will not \"sweat\" like in a plastic bag and start smelling the smell)
, \"Arrange garbage bins with several layers of newspapers\" and \"freeze food residue before the scheduled collection day \".
\"I have not used plastic liners for 25 years,\" Mr Dee said . \".
\"The simple fact is that you don\'t actually need to have a plastic trash can liner in order to dump the garbage.
Every four to six weeks, rinse the bin and empty it on the grass.
\"The first thing you should do is look at what shouldn\'t be in your bin.
Any food or compostable items should be placed in compostable and recyclable items should be placed in recovery.
If you do, you will find a marked decrease in the smell of the bin.
\"For those who live in the apartment, many committees are now implementing composting plans for food residues.
To find out if there is a food garbage collection box in your apartment, please go to the recycling center nearby. com.
Au and enter your zip code.
Mr Dee said that if there was no compost, another option would be the newspaper trick.
\"There are a lot of free community newspapers,\" he said . \"
\"Once you \'ve finished reading, spread them flat on your kitchen countertop, put any food junk in, wrap it up like your grandmother used to, and roll it up like fish and chips. ”frank. chung@news. com.
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