pulse jet dust collectors

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Air Canada
It is an engineering company engaged in industrial dust collector engineering.
Dust collection equipment is available in many designs, taking advantage of some principles, and there are significant changes in effectiveness, initial costs, operating and maintenance costs, space, layout and building materials
Pulsee Jet dust collector is one of the most widely used dust collectors.
Pulse jet collapse cleaning is usually used with fragile glass media and requires gentle cleaning techniques.
Reversing the glass flow provides a gentle collapse of the fabric, usually braking through gravity in the \"four star\" to fall into the dust cake of the Hopper.
The effect of reducing the size of the fabric filter by increasing the flow rate of the fabric is concentrated on the method of achieving frequent or continuous cleaning cycles without causing most of the filter surface to stop using. In the pulse-
Spray dust collector design, compressed air injection working in one second will cause rapid vibration or ripple in the fabric, thus discharging the accumulated dust cake.
At the same time, compressed clean air and the outflow of air carried from the top clean air filler helps the Top Scan Pulse
Remove dust from the filter surface.
The design of the pulse jet dust collector is mainly because it is easier to maintain than the reverse jet system, and because of the more useful cleaning energy, the pulse jet dust collector can be smaller and lower in cost with higher practical speed.
In the air system in Canada, the pulse jet dust collector is supported by a wire cage during normal operation.
The reverse flow pulse breaks the dust layer on the outside of the bag, and the falling material finally falls into the hopper.
The reverse jet or pulse jet dust collector is designed with filtration speeds ranging from 5 to 15 fpm and is suitable for low production for many-
Dust-free cake.
These designs usually use felt fabrics because spray cleaning opens the pores of the woven cloth and creates excessive leakage through the filter.
Fabric lightning arresters have high efficiency and medium cost.
The effectiveness of air or gas passing through the fabric at low speeds has been re-identified and used in air cleaning devices for many years.
Envelope or tubular fabric (stocking)shapes.
Although the removal appears to be done through the dyeing action of the medium, in practice, the dust collection is obtained by establishing a material mat on the dirty side of the medium.
This mat provides an actual filter or filter bed.
Through this bed, height removal can be obtained even on the submarine
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Dust collectors are widely used in industry.
They require more space than most other types of air cleaning equipment, and outdoor installation is required in most cases.
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