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by:Nanqixing     2020-03-23
Panagie: Despite the taboo of menstruation, four housewives of their own
Bicholim started a project to make creatures in Pilgao\'s help group
Biodegradable sanitary napkins.
These are basically made of pine fiber and non-wood.
Using the cost-effective method developed by Arunachalam Muruganantham and the woven cloth of machinery, the high school LGBT scholar is considered to be a credit for the country\'s sanitary pad revolution.
Dr. Subbu Nayak, a public health practitioner, conveyed the idea to about 40 Self
Bicholim\'s help group a few years ago, but only Jayshree Parwar joined the idea, and Saheli, Naseem Shaikh, a self-help group at Peel HeightsEco-
Friendship is a way, she believes.
Others are ashamed to make sanitary napkins, she said, but we have to protect nature somewhere, adding that the product does not add and break down chemicals or plastics when buried in the soil.
Nayak purchased the machine from Coimbatore with funds provided by a company through corporate social responsibility.
The women set up small-scale units in a room near Paval\'s home, and since they started two years ago, they have sold about 2,000 sanitary napkins under banners.
The whole process of making a sanitary napkin takes about five minutes, including grinding the pine fiber, putting it into the mold, pressing it tight, not using
Woven cloth, yellow oil paper on one side, disinfection.
The price of the product is competitive, and eight sanitary napkins are packed together for a price of Rs 40.
Allergy and Clinical Immunologist Dr. Anita dudahan said the problem with synthetic napkins is that they have an allergic reaction.
Of course, the fabric is cheaper, but it also causes a rash unless it is cleaned and well maintained, as it may not easily absorb the airflow.
Overall, the best is the menstrual cup, but not very popular.
These napkins are made of loose fibers and are very comfortable to use.
In addition, she told STOI that they are cost-effective and can be used by more people.
According to Parwar, their biodegradable sanitary napkins can be buried in the soil or rinsed after tearing off the cloth.
It turns out that dealing with large amounts of synthetic sanitary napkins every month is a big challenge for garbage disposal.
Because of the plastic content, they cannot be burned, it is too unsanitary and not feasible for anyone to separate different layers while dealing with them.
Dominique Fernandez, a special duty officer for solid waste management at the Ministry of Science and Technology, said biodegradable sanitary napkins would help solve many problems.
Francis d. Susa, Minister of Urban Development, said many ecosystems
Friendly items can\'t survive because the price is too high.
If sanitary napkins are biodegradable and cost-effective, the government will definitely support the project, he said.
Currently, there are biodegradable sanitary napkins in Pilgao, Bicholim and Bardez\'s Calangute.
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