the potential value of non woven bag

by:Nanqixing     2020-03-08
Non-woven bags are environmental products.
The biggest advantage is environmental protection.
Non-woven fabrics are made of directional or random fibers.
It is a new generation of environmental protection materials it is a new generation of environmental protection materials?
Waterproof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-burning, easy to biodegradable, No. toxic non-
Features such as stimulation, rich color, low price and recyclable utilization.
The textile linen is rich in color, bright and crisp, green and fashionable, with various uses, various patterns and styles, and beautiful and generous.
Light weight, environmental protection, recyclable. Therefore, non-
Woven Bag is recognized as the world\'s environmental protection products to protect the Earth\'s ecology.
It has been vigorously promoted in the world.
Of course, the focus of people\'s lives is affordable.
And low
Even free plastic bags, there is a big difference between them, which has become a non-
Woven bag promotion
However, the following analysis of the features of non-woven bags in China, but found that there are some hidden reasons.
From the beginning of plastic restriction release, plastic bags will begin to gradually withdraw from the packaging market of goods, no free use of plastic bags, only use consumers to pay.
The bigger one is more expensive.
Buying a few is equivalent to a non
Woven bags and woven bags can be reused, and the loss rate is far lower than that of plastic bags, so there is no
Woven Shopping bags but more money.
Traditional plastic bags, shopping bags, so the material is thin and easy to damage in order to save costs. Non-
Woven shopping bags are tough and easy to wear.
There\'s a lot of laminated non
Woven shopping bags, solid, more waterproof, feel good, beautiful shape, a little.
Although the single cost is a little higher than the plastic bag, the life of a recycling bag has reached hundreds, or even thousands of plastic bags. Beautiful non-
Woven bag, not just a commodity bag.
Its beautiful appearance is more attractive, reflecting the simple and fashionable backpack, with a beautiful scenery line on the street.
Coupled with its strong, waterproof, non-
The hand sticker function has become a must for many people to go shopping and leisure.
In order to solve the problem of environmental protection, a plastic limit order was issued.
Non-repeated use
Woven bags greatly reduce the conversion of waste into pressure.
With the concept of environmental protection, it can better show the quality of a person, and the small woven bag can reflect people\'s awareness of environmental protection.
All in all, these potential values are obvious and cannot be replaced by ordinary plastic bags. So non-
Woven bags walk with environmental protection and advocate a green lifestyle.
It will become a fashion trend.
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