the prospects of chinese nonwoven handbag market

by:Nanqixing     2020-03-10
It overcomes the problem that wet paper bags are vulnerable to water, the price is not high, suitable clothing, Cotton is a kind
Advanced packaging, but it is more advanced than paper bags, higher strength, secondary consumer use.
In recent years in the Chinese market
Woven Bag, very rich in color patterns, bright and crisp, especially right and wrong
The woven flocking is more dignified and elegant.
Since it can replace paper bags, and the price is slightly lower than that of advanced art paper bags, the service life is longer than that of paper bags, and woven bags have gradually been accepted in China. Non-
Woven handbags between samples companies, peckers, Santa Barbara Polo, Valentino, Roman, B2, French shipping giants, a little red and some wells-
Well-known brands of clothing companies have chosen non-
Woven bag brand clothing packaging bag.
It is understood that
Woven bags, clothing bags have gradually developed to be acceptable.
This can replace trees as raw materials for non-wood.
Hand-woven paper bags are recognized by the international community as global ecology
Environmental protection products, according to production, clothing bags, a company, the company is 80% non-
Export woven bags to developed countries such as Europe.
According to industry sources
Woven women\'s bags account for 20% of the market in developed countries, with only 3% in China. As the non-
The woven bag and garment bag market have always been optimistic about the industry, and the technical content of its raw material procurement, layout printing, sewing processing and other production processes is not high. At present, many Chinese manufacturers are participating in the preparation of non-
Production of woven bags. China non-
The weaving industry started late, but it developed very quickly.
Production was less than 10,000 tons in early 1980.
At the end of the 1990 s, China set off
The climax of woven products.
In addition to using domestic production lines, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan and other provinces have also introduced production lines from abroad. China non-
The development speed of woven products greatly exceeds the average growth speed of the textile industry, 8-
With an annual growth rate of 10%, the textile industry is one of the fastest growing industries.
Since China\'s non-woven fabric industry has to be middle-class, many companies and products have strong international competition.
After years of exploration and development
Textile enterprises have stepped out of their own features.
Despite the rapid development of China\'s cloth industry in any case, with the improvement of the advanced level of the international non-woven fabric industry, the overall level of China\'s non-woven fabric industry is becoming more and more backward, the gap in organizational structure, scale, technical level, product variety and quality, technological innovation ability and development ability is very obvious.
Therefore, China\'s non-woven enterprises should find their own positioning, improve their core competitive power, the elements of their own advantages, complementary assets and management mechanisms, technical systems, management systems and means, give full play to their unique product innovation advantages.
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