the use condition of non woven bags in supermarkets

by:Nanqixing     2020-03-11
Since 2008, China has limited the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0. 025 mm.
Many supermarkets responded positively to this.
All walks of life have high expectations for alternatives to plastic shopping bags.
Among them, the biggest response of environmental non-woven bags.
There is no doubt that supermarkets promote environmental protection bags.
However, due to the inability to fully grasp the expertise of various industries, the choice of alternatives is lost.
So they can\'t explain it to the end consumer in detail.
Promotion efforts will naturally be greatly reduced, with economic interests.
As far as national policy is concerned, accurate statements are limited to plastics rather than banning them.
Shopping Bag Production and sales 0.
025mm is less than thickness and is not allowed because of its low thickness
Time to use white pollution.
If the value is high, the thickness of the thick reusable plastic shopping bag is not the prohibited range.
Diverse alternative products.
It can be divided into: paper, thick plastic, non-
Textile Fabrics, woven fabrics (nylon / cotton)bags;
Rattan, metal woven basket, mesh bag.
The above industries will be allocated to different market share due to different consumer preferences. However, non-
Woven bag because of the performance of the material, occupy an absolute advantage in the market share. Non-
Woven fabrics also have the advantages of paper, thick plastic, textile fabrics, without their disadvantages, such as: paper, low cost, light weight, good printing effect, but easy to dissolve in water, poor tension
Cheap non
Woven, light weight, good printing, can be washed, pull well.
Thick plastic
Like a stand, but easy to deform from creases. Non-
The support in the shape of the weave, but not easy to crease, not easy to deform.
The feeling is good, it is easy to carry in the entrance, the seam interface is easy to collapse yarn, and the fabric is not easy to wash. Non-
The woven cloth feels good and is easy to carry in the entrance. the seam interface does not collapse yarn and is easy to wash.
Woven fabric fiber technology, plastic thermoplastic technology, network node of paper technology, processing can be stitched, welded, bonded into bags, bags-
Bags of various shapes are colorful.
Non-woven fabric Environmental Protection has increasingly attracted public attention.
The Environmental Protection of the Environmental Protection bag is that in terms of thick cloth, compared with plastic bags, it can be used many times. after the product is not used, the material degradation and degradation will occur.
Toxic becomes the affinity of dust and soil.
The most important thing is that it is biodegradable.
The non-woven fabric is degraded by the main light degradation.
Ultraviolet sunlight and artificial light, ultraviolet radiation can destroy non-
Woven raw materials (
Mainly material, chemical bond inside polymer polypropylene PP)
, This process is called the photo-degradation process, which can lead to material breakage, gray, color change and physical and mechanical properties degradation.
After the entry period (3-
12 months under light conditions).
The material automatically accelerates the reaction and is irreversible.
Practical applications need to use non-
Environmental-friendly woven products, and the storage shelf life of the process and products should be considered before use.
So there must be a basic storage environment.
The basic requirements of the storage site are: no direct sunlight. Light (
Including artificial light)
Not too bright.
The product cannot be bare with the necessary packaging. Non-high-
Poor temperature and ventilation environment. Non-
Fabric is very cheap.
But they are like paper bags and are rarely free.
Different economic allocations create different habits.
For example, a thin plastic bag becomes a waste because it is free.
The habit of paying for use needs to be cultivated.
In addition to the easy-to-get factors, plastic bags are discarded at will for other reasons, such as no new ideas, no creative style, normal colors, general printing, etc.
A product can play its useful functions, decoration functions and advertising functions, and it will be used many times even if it is free.
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