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by:Nanqixing     2020-03-24
City companies will accept a culture that places convenience above environmental sustainability by banning the sale of plastic and non-plastic handbags
Polypropylene woven bag started on Wednesday.
It has been driving the use of alternatives, by carrying out training programs for the manufacture of paper bags and cloth bags, the ongoing fabric/paper bag Expo, and through the gears 2-
Launch your own crore project for cloth and paper bags-making unit.
It also plans to distribute 25 lakh cloth bags to people at subsidized prices.
So far, the expo has ordered 5 lakh cloth bags and 10 lakh paper bags.
Shopkeepers and customers are skeptical while acknowledging the good intentions of the move.
First of all, the cost of alternatives is higher than plastic bags, which makes their frequent use unprofitable, especially for small businesses, M said.
Nagaraj, manager of a textile store in Palayam.
For example, a medium
The size of the bag can be between 40 and 100 or more.
Tara, an employee at the gift shop, said the cost of packaging heavy items such as glass would rise further.
Another problem is that waterproof packaging is required for wet and humid items such as fish and vegetables.
However, the company wants to solve these problems.
To subsidize the cost of paper bags and cloth bags, it plans to facilitate the company\'s advertising of bags.
Mass production following the ban is also expected to lower prices.
A company official said that the higher price is not unreasonable in any case because the bags are to be reused.
As for the packaged fish, a product like \"meen sanchi\" is a bag lined with water --
There are waterproof woven bags and wax coated paper bags on the market.
The ban will be enforced by 12 special groups that will give notice to the business and conduct raids to confiscate prohibited items.
Shops that do not comply with the regulations will have to pay a fine from April and their licence will be canceled.
From next year, only in ensuring compliance with the mayor\'s complaintK. Prasanth said.
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