women, the convention and brown paper bags

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\"It is absolutely important that no one go to hot dogs or anything else in the vote tonight, or that the senator may lose his nomination.
You must carefully observe and listen to our instructions on the floor.
You know we are not a fascist organization, but you have to follow our orders implicitly.
McGovern\'s national campaign leader, Gary Hart, spoke slowly and accurately with a handheld microphone.
This is early in the Dem ocratic conference in Miami Beach, the core group of managers and delegates at the McGovern floor (
I\'m one of them, from California)
Hart is explaining the senator\'s strategy on challenges to the South Carolina delegation, the first in the convention calendar, which has become a priority for women.
Competitors accused the delegation of a low number of women and tried to replace nine men with nine women.
Hart, in principle, wants us to vote for the challenge.
However, the McGovern Supreme Command is aware that if the challenge fails decisively or wins decisively, then the question of what constitutes a majority vote during the convention can be raised from the floor.
If this occurs, when 151 \"stop-mcgov ern\" delegates from California are eligible to vote, 1,509 votes may be established by a majority vote, threatening the challenges of California, will come later.
If 1,509 votes were determined to be majority and McGovern did not have enough votes to win the California challenge, then his nomination in the first vote would be impossible.
Therefore, it may be politically necessary to abandon the ballot and deliberately lose the challenge of South Carolina.
It takes time to explain and re-explain, but everyone understands.
The problem, of course, is that many Mc Management reps will feel manipulated and worse --
McGovern himself addressed the National Women\'s Political Caucus (N. W. P. C. )
He \"clearly supports\" the South Carolina Challenge and will \"fully support its success \".
In June 1971, Gloria strenham, Bella Abzug, Betty fridan and Shirley Chisholm formed a \"multi-party\" organization to bring women into the political arena. The N. W. P. C.
He worked for a year for representation at the Democratic Assembly.
Of the 1,134 women\'s delegates and 742 women\'s alternate delegates, there were also some women\'s delegates. W. P. C. members —
Or about 113 dreygates and 74 alternate-
They are far more influential than their numbers.
Their spokesman is Bella Abzu and Gloria strenham.
When the delegates gathered in the Great Hall, the advertising clouds and rain ushered in the Assembly, passing through the thick crimson carpet, which softened the acoustic effect to some extent, and convey a fascinating impression of a huge multi-seat living room.
Each representative, with buttons, hats, posters, political literature and certificates, found his Democratic corner for the next four days.
The delegation of California, representing McGovern, took a seat in front.
\"Stop-mc Governs\" sitting in the back \".
This is an inevitable conclusion that we cannot communicate.
Outside the lobby, the co-chair of the California delegation, Willie Brown, was arguing with a security guard who wouldn\'t let him in because he had \"improper documents \".
The delegation, composed of 43 women, sat there waiting for the challenge in South Carolina.
They are not going to leave their seats.
After an indecisive vote on the South Carolina challenge
Abzug asked for roll call.
That followed the question of McGovern.
Every thing Gary Hart warns US is now possible.
All McGovern\'s delegates sat intently waiting for instructions.
With the roll call, the challenge for women seems to be doing well.
Then a strange thing happened.
Some states began to change the way they voted.
I sat on my lap and took my portable TV and listened to Walter Cronkite saying: \"The McGovern forces are losing positions.
This is a serious setback and I don\'t understand what happened.
He went on to mention a report saying the Macon government would deliberately challenge South Carolina.
Cronkite was confused for 90 minutes.
Then there is irony.
Anne Wexler, a prominent Mc government strategist, acknowledged this to C. Dave Schoumacher. B. S.
She deliberately abandoned the challenges of women, so the power of McGovern would not show up on the floor, what questions most people would ask.
Suddenly, I heard a commotion coming from the left.
I looked up at my seat in the California delegation, opposite Bella Abzug, who served on the platform committee. Abzug —
Over the years, the most refreshing and effective radical forces have attacked the house represented --
Lifting her fist, her straw hat shook, and thundered at the top of her famous voice: \"McGovern\'s staff have sold the women down the river.
I won\'t let you bastards get away with it.
You don\'t need to do that, you could have won by an absolute majority. . . .
You have ruined all our efforts and I will not forget it.
I got 200 more tickets out.
Her eyes are killing people.
I stood up from my seat.
She walked away, stopped, and came back.
After every point of her, she left again.
\"Come on, Bella,\" I said, \"stop and I can tell you why we are doing this.
McGovern may be nominated if we don\'t.
She put her hands on her hips and her feet stood apart and said, \"That\'s not what I said . \"
I said, \"Well, I think it makes you a new campaign strategist for McGovern, replacing Gary Hart . \".
\"Who needs Gary Hart?
He is a 34-year-old child.
I don\'t care at all about Gary Hart.
A group of people are gathering quickly.
\"Oh, Bella for Christmas.
Every time you see the red light on, you go up and make a number.
You know you\'re going to be a bigger ham than me.
I\'m going to be pol, you\'re going to be an expert in theater.
\"A group of Chicanos and black women from our delegation began to support me.
Bella left again.
They shouted, \"come back here, Bella . \"
\"Let\'s explain why we have to do this. ” Bella turned.
\"This is unreasonable.
I know this better than you, \"she cried, and then asked again, returning to the New York delegation. She was right.
McGovern\'s strategists are too nervous.
But she didn\'t realize how hard it was for them to sacrifice idealism on the altar of pragmatism.
Because most people\'s problems haven\'t come up yet, McGovern survived the key vote in California, but with the failure of the South Carolina exam, the priority issue for women\'s delegates has also failed.
Anne Wexler is an outstanding strategist, but she is not a feminist.
With the nomination of candidates assured, the real issues of the meeting are before the delegates. . . WOMEN.
The leaders of the women\'s caucus were furious.
In their view, McGovern lied when he promised to support the challenge in South Carolina, and they now know that they have the ability to completely humiliate him with a problem --abortion.
At a platform committee hearing in Washington at the end of June, McGovern felt how most women felt.
Feeling that McGovern is not sensitive to their concerns and priorities, the United NationsW. P. C.
He asked for a meeting to discuss his \"views\" on women \".
\"About 28 of us were invited to his Japanese-style home in Washington.
Sitting on a wool rug and looking like authentic straw tatami surrounded by Kahemono reels and low formal furniture, gloria strenham\'s legs leaned against the sliding glass door and her long, scorched and grilled hair spilled around the purple pilot\'s glasses, Betty Freden, curled up on the silk, printed dress with arms crossed.
McGovern\'s in.
He wore a pinstriped suit, a blue and red tie, a white shirt, and a little nervous on his face, indicating that nothing can be a man --
Even as calm, calm and united as this senator from the calm state of Nada Kota
More nervous than a group of demanding, abandoned, intelligent, neglected women who may be more nervous than any other force in the United States, responsible for a bloodless revolution that has replaced national priorities.
McGovern leaned against the chair.
\"Senator,\" said Betty Frey Dan.
\"You \'ve been saying ridiculous things lately.
Why do you say that if you think this is a question of state rights, do you think the abortion law in New York state is too free?
\"They didn\'t waste any time explaining the problem.
\"It\'s been a few weeks,\" he said.
\"I think it\'s too late to have a miscarriage for 24 weeks.
\"Senator, why don\'t you leave this to the doctor ? \".
\"They are fully capable of deciding when they are not safe.
\"Well, the Supreme Court ruling will come down soon.
Let me check.
Gloria leans forward.
\"You know the Supreme Court is not good enough.
Now, Senator, I only have your language, which is acceptable on the platform.
I suggest \"non-governmental intervention in sexual and reproductive freedom of American citizens \".
McGovern tilted forward.
\"It\'s interesting.
Gloria sat straight.
\"We women see this program as our Vietnam because there are more women who died in the slaughter of abortion than soldiers who were killed there.
McGovern nodded, and he always did when he listened intently.
Betty Freden stood up.
\"You know, Senator, you should also not joke about the theory of the birth of the Virgin of Christ, as you did in Newsweek.
You don\'t know how serious women are in this country. . . .
On the issue of women, you have to start to claim yourself because you won\'t win the election without them.
If you do not, I am very interested in your Cady Darcy.
You think you have a woman in your pocket, but you don\'t.
You have to have more women in your campaign because they are not there right now.
\"It makes no sense at all,\" McGovern replied . \".
\"You don\'t know what you\'re talking about.
On what I call a fair footing, women are represented in this campaign --
All over the country-
You just don\'t know what you\'re talking about. ”“No?
Just look at C. B. S.
The story of McGovern\'s top ad host
Six people-period.
I can\'t do anything about \"advertising --
This is the distortion of the news media. Look,” he said.
\"The only place we really don\'t like is abortion, don\'t we?
A woman from New Jersey said: \"Senator, I have to make an opinion on this . \".
\"Some of us are not as strong on abortion as Gloria and Betty. I\'m sorry but . . .
\"We don\'t need to discuss this,\" Gloria said . \".
\"I can tell you how popular abortion is --
But in the presidential campaign, my language will certainly avoid that.
I think of \"unofficial spiritual intervention in the field of sexual and reproductive freedom for individual citizens.
Sounds good, but there are things that bother me.
After a while McGovern stood up from his chair, thanked the women and moved to the corner of the room where he spoke to a group of us, including Gloria and Betty
\"Let me think about the language in the next 24 hours;
Let\'s talk again.
Some were happy, some were unhappy, and the women were scattered.
Driving back to my hotel, I understood what bothered me.
At the hotel, I found Gloria drafting committee on the lobby platform --
Bella Abzug, who deserves credit for most progressive languages on the platform.
\"Gloria, Bella, you know the language makes McGovern ignore state rights where sex laws are involved, so some imaginative people, smart journalists can do research on sex laws, and came to the conclusion that George McGovern was a street sodomy?
No matter how much we agree with sexual freedom, how will this look for a presidential candidate?
Gloria\'s hand flew into her mouth.
\"Oh,\" she said.
\"No one will think of this --
We hope to think less about the language.
\"Ad\" you mean you want Mc Govern to run on one platformK.
Eating goats on the street?
\"It may be good for him.
\"Later, I called Mc Govern to tell him the hidden meaning of Gloria\'s language.
Then he asked Bella and I to solve some problems.
Gloria and Betty Freden held a press conference the next morning.
Their attack on Mc Govern was \"disappointing\" and \"did not touch the concerns of women at all \".
In conclusion, they reiterated their support for Shirley qisom. At 2:30 A. M.
The next morning in Washington, I found that Gloria had successfully supported the platform committee abortion task force (
I must have tried to lobby for hot meals somewhere)
Her language is included at the bottom of a page of a series of proposals submitted to the drafting committee.
Its intention slowly began to manifest itself to people. At 2:45 A. M.
The representative of New York, Eleanor Clark French, turned and said to me, \"My God, I\'m patsy from Gloria strenham, where are some scis sors?
\"I rushed to the front desk of the hotel and picked up a pair of scissors;
Then I collected a bunch of suggestions and went to a back house where I cut off the bottom of all the pages where the language appeared.
If the media or others think that McGovern\'s proposal is acceptable, we are in trouble even if it has never been included.
The exclusion of abortion issues from the platform is a complete violation of my own personal beliefs and that of many other members of the Commission.
In the right to abortion in de Mande, the right of women to control their own bodies is a basic free territory for human women.
To deprive a woman of her rights by upholding laws against abortion is to keep a woman in a second-class citi zen, whose rights are prevented by the man\'s arbitrary, objective authority.
Of all the planks before the platform committee, noth ing has more personality, more personality, or has received more specialized research and discussed-
Both sides of the issue --than abortion.
Because it is a problem dealing with the problem of life itself, it causes profound thinking on moral and religious aspects.
Because it was so personal and deeply disturbing, I began to realize that the introduction of partisan politics was not a theme.
Need to amend the law;
There is no doubt about this.
But it seems to me that a strong abortion program will not only hurt George McGovern --
But the problem itself.
If Nixon shamelessly wrote a letter to Cardinal Cook about the New York state abortion law, so that the executive branch of the government could participate in the state\'s legislation, what would he do if it became a campaign issue?
In my opinion, he is a ruthless political figure on this issue and may stir up an emotional flame around it, so that other important issues in the fall campaign may be taken for granted.
Bella disagrees with me.
She said Nixon would make it a campaign issue in any way.
Until late at night, while eating a burger at the White Tower restaurant, she talked about why she thought it was a political process.
She stressed that this is a topic that needs to be made public because the law needs to be changed so badly.
As an expert in stress politics, she knows how far she can go without ruining her career, and if handled properly, what progress she can make in the women\'s movement.
She is not only a feminist in her attitude.
She is pragmatic;
However, while I agree with her in many ways, I feel that even in winning the fight on this issue, we may lose the battle of the president.
I wanted to put a woman on hold for another five months about her body\'s rights.
So I drafted a board that says the question of abortion is decided by a woman, her doctor, and anyone she wants to consult --
But this is the best thing in the presidential campaign.
The next day, the board raised its hand and passed the platform committee, but the opposition called for roll call.
On the one hand, those who voted against abortion, who wanted to make a stronger statement on the platform, on the other hand, there was a strong opposition to the mention of abortion under any circumstances.
The discussion was so complicated and disturbing that no one could later claim that the platform committee took a firm position in one way or another.
Therefore, nothing appears in most platform reports. At 3:30 A. M.
The topic is over.
So, at 9: 00 The next day or at the time of the platform committee\'s deliberations, Jennifer Wilk from Alaska was shocked to see that most platforms did not include anything about abortion.
Even enouph, \"Abortion is not her business\", was moved to collect the necessary number of signatures to reach a minority resolution that states, \"The right to privacy, freedom of choice, and personal conscience of everyone involved in human reproduction should be fully reflected, consistent with the Supreme Court\'s decision.
It\'s at 5: 15 a. m. in Miami Beach. M.
Morning of the third day of the conference-Wednesday —
Section VII of rights, power and social justice, the solution of vulnerable minorities, is before the institutions.
We had another abortion and we woke up at the venue.
I decided to speak during the time reserved for the minority board.
It\'s the only time to be open, and it\'s also because what I have to say prevents anyone from making a \"right Life\" speech.
McGovern\'s staff have agreed on the policy of \"abandoning.
Instead of opposing minorities, I called for \"voting against science\" to outline the history of the work of the platform committee.
However, just before I spoke, dele gate Eugene Walsh from Missouri gave an exciting speech to abor tion.
He talked about \"the murder of a child\", \"the right to life of the fetus\", and in general, he poured water on gaso line on an already inflamed issue.
On the ad, two girls with long hair in blue jeans rushed at me.
\"Why are no women openly opposed to abortion? ” they pleaded.
\"It\'s terrible that only one person is against murder.
Even though you don\'t sound like you want them to vote like this, you\'re in favor of murder. It\'s not fair.
One of them collapsed completely.
Her friend took her away.
As part of a new world, young girls with a free lifestyle and a future --
They oppose the right to own their bodies.
I rushed back from podim to the California delegation and found that the staff of Willie Brown and McGovern hovered on the red phone.
\"We are in big trouble,\" said Willie . \".
\"To embarrass the senator, the Wal-Mart lace Humphrey forces gathered to send out the news that they voted for abortion.
My stomach has turned over.
\"Those sons of bitch,\" cried Willie . \".
\"If they play like this, I will vote for all 271 votes in California against it.
We had a vote of conscience and now they are cheating on us.
\"The woman in the delegation of calavernia heard his words and threw at him like a locust.
\"We will report, Willie Brown, you can\'t do that.
Pierre Selinger came to Willie: \"The size of abortion in North Carolina is growing --the fix is in.
We have to do something.
They don\'t play fair.
Now we have no choice.
So the word comes out: lobbying, twisting your arms, defending anything.
It\'s just \"no vote on abortion.
Bella began to cycle.
She said: \"Vote for abortion, you can afford it, because abortion will fail anyway.
Gloria ran to Joe Duffy, the McGovern floor manager.
She screamed at him: \"You are a jerk because you allow someone with the right to life to speak. You lied to us.
You promised not to allow such people to speak.
Joe was shocked.
He could not speak.
He claimed that he had agreed to a legitimate vote of conscience.
Almost hysterical Gloria burst into tears in front of the TV camera and rushed down the aisle.
With the political tactics rushing across the floor, Gloria concluded that the male enemy had cheated her again.
If the abortion vote fails, this is because one male allows another male to talk about the rights of the fetus, not the rights of the woman.
I was more shocked than Duffy.
What do women delegates who have never been involved in the political process think about all this?
Are they as suspicious as their media leaders?
I have not found much demand for pragma tism.
Women in California are satisfied with the conscience to vote for them.
They think Eugene Walsh has removed doubts and may help more than just hurt for this reason.
I have heard the same from other delegations.
It is true that they do not want their votes to be discarded, but they accept the actual situation.
Hysteria is out of date.
There is a new world of women now, and if there is a chance to get involved, they are basically calm and very disciplined.
With the emergence of those who have remained silent so far, the possibility of real change has emerged.
This change does not happen on TV, but in the office, in the living room, in the university, and in the political process.
No one understands about abortion voting is Martha McKay
A calm, sensible, drama-free woman from North Carolina should be responsible for the \"yes\" vote in North Carolina.
She formed a strong female cau cus and her strategy was to lobby men.
Her success has cost everyone.
The McGovern mistakenly believed that the vote was to embarrass McGovern, and Gloria mistakenly believed that the enemy was an outdated theory of man.
Minority on advertising abor tion lost.
Again, there is not enough agreement on this issue.
But new political awareness has emerged in the process.
These 1,134 women represent more pragmatic than anyone else.
They think there is no reason to replace men\'s unreasonable strategies with women\'s unreasonable strategies.
This is what American women want to change.
They want to be more direct, honest, democratic, less mobile, less hysterical and no games.
For the first time in American political history, half of the population\'s concerns are believed to be true.
■ A version of this file was printed on page SM14 of The New York edition on July 30, 1972 with the title: Women, convention and brown paper bags.
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