woolworths to charge $3.50 ‘crate to bench’ home delivery fee following plastic bag ban

by:Nanqixing     2020-03-05
The ban on plastic bags is coming soon.
Photo Source: Australian News Group will charge $3.
If the customer does not want to purchase reusable plastic bags with online orders starting next week, 50 \"crate to bench\" door-to-door delivery fees.
The largest supermarket in the country has proposed a nationwide ban on singles.
Use a plastic bag a week before the July 1 deadline, saying that customers can choose a fixed fee of $1 for repackaging orders
Work bag made of 80% recyclable materials.
\"We are working hard to create a greener future for Australia with our customers
In plastic bags-
\"From June 20, stores and online,\" a spokesman for Woolworths said . \".
\"For orders for door-to-door delivery, customers can choose whether to ship groceries in reusable plastic bags made of at least 80 recycled materials or through our new bags --free, crate-to-bench service.
\"With a new crate --to-
Bench service, orders are packed directly into our delivery crate and then open the package to the customer\'s bench when the delivery driver arrives.
Number of crates-to-
The offer option reflects the additional cost of providing this new service.
There will be no bag-free delivery fee for Coles.
Customers can choose to buy 15-
Reusable bags for cents or carrying their groceries in crates.
The general manager of Coles Online said: \"The new bag-free shipping option for Coles Online leverages reusable crates and will not go to Coles customer Karen Donaldson except for the current delivery fee
\"Groceries will be packed at the customer\'s home and crates will be returned with the delivery driver.
This is what our customers have been asking for and we are happy to offer this service for free.
However, a recent analysis of the online price of coles shows that some goods are better than in-store.
\"Many of our customers like the convenience of shopping online,\" a spokesman for Coles said . \".
\"We strive to ensure that customers pay the same price online as most of our supermarket products.
\"All the premium catalog specials that Coles offers every week are also available online at the same price, as well as more than 3000 items per day at the same low price in stores and online. “Some non-
AD specials are only available in physical stores, and our online customers can also get discounts and promotions that are not available in the store.
\"Most of our fresh food, such as fruit, vegetables, meat, deli, bread, milk and eggs, and babies --
The normal price of related goods such as diapers and baby food on the Internet is the same as the price in the store.
\"In some categories, we charge a small price premium, which helps to cover the cost of our convenient service, including dedicated team members who choose our customers\' groceries.
Single since July 1
Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia will ban the use of plastic bags to keep them in line with South Australia
The first state to ban bags on 2009-
Northern Region and tazhou.
Despite the firm position of the new state, the Coles and Woolworth have decided to abandon them throughout the store network, leading to an effective nationwide ban.
Earlier this month, Brad Banducci, chief executive of Woolworth Group, said he did not know if he would make the decision in last July if he knew \"how a headache\"
4 billion plastic bags are closed.
\"One of the things that made me a little uneasy at the time was that we would make a profit from it because we would charge £ 15 --cent or 99-
There\'s a bag, \"he said. “Actually [with]
The time increment of the actual service to the customer in the store, of course this is not a profit driver, we have never done so as a profit driver.
We do this to do the right thing. ”frank. chung@news. com.
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