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by:Nanqixing     2020-04-09
How to save the environment in Christmas friendly gifts, cards, decorations and worse opportunities Christmas is a time when you may spend, spend, on Christmas trees, gifts, terrieplowmancard, decorations and plenty of food.
The idea of protecting the environment may be the last thing in your mind.
It is more important for you to buy all the Christmas gifts for your children, parents and friends.
You need to buy turkey and all the food to spend the holiday.
You need to decorate the Christmas tree and fill the house with seasonal decorations.
You will write out all the Christmas cards and post them.
You are not alone.
Most people do the same.
But you can take this opportunity to help the environment at this frenetic moment.
Plan you can easily search for recyclable products such as Christmas cards, wrapping paper, decorations, fairy lights, Christmas cookies and even a tree.
Credit: cehwiedel.
You can also be ecological in the kitchen. conscious.
In the UK, CardsWe sends 1 billion cards each Christmas, so there is an opportunity to reduce waste in landfill sites.
You can buy Christmas cards made with re-
Cycle cards from many sources.
It feels like dozens of cards last year were not wasted, but it\'s good to end up being wasted againcycled.
Decorate solar fairy lights if you want to light up your garden at Christmas or any other party time you can buy solar
Electric lights available outdoors throughout the year.
They are weatherproof and will last for 40 hours once charged.
They give a magical feel to your garden or yard.
They will turn on and off automatically during the day and automatically in the dark.
You don\'t need to do anything but enjoy the spectacular view!
The Super idea of Christmas tree decoration is to embed the paper shape of the seeds in the garden after the celebration.
This paper is split into the soil, the seeds sprout and grow wild flowers for you to enjoy later this year and remind you to enjoy the last Christmas.
And gadgets made with re-made.
Circuit board and re-cyclecycled CD\'s.
The shiny side is good at catching light.
Image source: Christmas picture.
You can even buy a cardboard Christmas tree!
Throw away miles of wrapping paper every year to pack gifts.
It ended up in a landfill. But re-
Circulating wrapping paper can be provided.
Think about all the paper covered on the floor on Christmas morning.
What do you do with it? Why, it\'s mainly in the trash can and you have to buy it again next year.
But save the larger parts you just opened the package and smooth them by ironing them ready to repackuse.
It might be an idea to cover the wrapping paper with an old handkerchief when ironing to avoid burning!
You can buy these, cut some old Christmas cards, and make some cheap but attractive labels with thin cuts.
These are recyclable.
You can make it yourself with the cardboard toilet roll center, put a small ecological gift in it, and summarize: Christmas pictures.
With your re-cycled paper.
List of show eco
Friendly gifts are endless.
Gifts for Her include organic soap, herbs, or a gift box for bathing.
Gift box for organic food, assorted
E. recycled plastic coverg.
Buy a mobile phone, shopping bag, shower gel and so on.
The gift he gave him was an unavoidable sock, solar energy --
Electric Shaver, recyclable blade, solar energy-
Battery Charger and pocket water bottle for electric car.
The children will not miss it.
There are a lot of toys here, including UV discolored beads, solar conversion robots and helicopter kits.
There is endless energy for the family
Storage devices that can now be used, including TV standby protection programs, plugs
In the timer, the phone turns off the plug, the refrigerator thermometer and the home energy monitor.
In the kitchen on the left.
In the food, the compost box
Apron, can crusher, sandwich cover, CUP, glass and organic wine.
Cook enough water in the kettle to meet your immediate needs.
Cover the lid.
When shopping, plan the menu and then plan the menu carefully.
You\'re always thinking that someone might call unexpectedly, but usually all of us will be happy after Christmas dinner.
Meals for the rest of the holiday may not be that complicated.
How often do you find something you forgot to buy in the fridge.
Don\'t be angry because the turkey you bought is so big.
Write the menu in the diary.
Hopefully there will be less food to throw away from the landfill.
The new year, the new year brings you thinking about determination.
Why not give yourself an environmental challenge to help reduce the country\'s carbon footprint?
Here are some ideas for your New Year\'s resolution: reduce the use of energy
Sometimes, natural and organic materials are used, not by car. Finally, adopt the motto: reduce, re-use, Re-cycle.
By next year, you will be amazed at how much you have contributed to saving this wonderful planet!
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